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Tribute Kings 
featuring  John Sprott

Pank Zappaland
featuring Mark on guitar and bass

Elvis T Busboy and The Texas Blues Butchers

Mark Austin Solo Project 
with Tim Alexander and Nathan Ziehm

The Mark Austin Band- My dream band since 2000 or so... this very popular all original musical masterpiece - a power trio with Lewis Hutcheson on guitar, Scott Weltner on drums, Daniel Cisneros on percussion, Larry Spencer on trumpet, Lee Schloss on sax, and Kieth Adkins on trombone. I met both Larry and Kieth in Jerry LaCroix's band.  Charting in College Charts  in Top Ten, and Public Radio at 13 and at #1 on in Jazz, Jazz Vocal, Adult Contemporary, Psychedelic, Acid Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Progressive Rock and Pop Vocal catagories.

St. Lewis Blues - 1998 I had a trio with Lewis Hutcheson for a while working places like Muddy Waters etc....It cooked.

Mark Austin Solo - 1994-96 I did an acoustic duo in various local outlets with various guitar players and sometimes with Paul Harrington on harmonica.

The Jerry LaCroix Band - 1991 - Jerry is the former singer for Blood Sweat and Tears, Edgar Winters White Trash, Rare Earth, and the Boogie Kings; also among others in that band were guitarist Steve Dupuis from Derik and the Dominoes' Bobby Whitlock Band. We all became great friends. Jerry, as it turned out, had read the UB. (see my philosophy page) click here to see a photo of the small band (left to right, Keith Stone, Rex Mauney, Jerry, Martin McCall, Joe Lee, and me of course)

G.G. Shin - 1991 - He would turn up from time to time and do a gig with us in Jerry LaCroix's band.

OOGA BOOGA - 1990-94 founding member of OOGA BOOGA, an all original World Music band receiving some popular acclaim with songs being played on NPR and college campuses.

The Zone - 1989-90 an eclectic all original trio featuring guitarist Joe Lee (Joe was awarded first place in '82 and second place in '81 by the Texas Jazz Readers Poll as the hottest guitarist)

The Rodney Johnson Band - 1985-88 Great local band. I took Chuck Rainey's place when he left. Then I left and he came back, and maybe again. No that was somebody else. Then he left and I came back. Or something, anyway, I met Chuck through that gig. Chuck is a great guy, great player, and I'm glad for the opportunity to get to know him through the Rodney band as well as play in that band. I love all of those guys. And there we're lots of versions of that band. Sometimes every gig. I have a lot of great memories from that band. this is a photo of Rodney singing, but this was not his regular band. It was a rare one time thing with Smokin' Joe Kuebek and Lloyd Herman that was a lot of fun.

The Lifters - 1984-85 Doing R&B and soul. This was a great band with great players like: George Honea and John Glazier who went on to play with the world famous c&w group, The Judds; Lee Charles Mitchell and Ira Bassett, both from Bobby Blue Bland and BB Kings' band; Karl Berkebile from earlier 'Point Blank' fame; and the ever present Jody Graves on guitar, now with Data~Creek Creative where these pages are hosted from. Thanks bro :-)  not to mention Lee Charles Mitchell (sax), Ira Bassett (trumpet), and others I'm at the moment not remembering.

The Point - 1983-84 - this was a band of very talented folks and some great friends and writing partners.  Players included Linda Badinger on vocals, Mike Badinger on drums, Tim "T Buck" Orsburn on guitar, various NTSU sax players that we're all great, Tim Redfield and (his name escapes me at the moment) on keyboard.

Legacy - late seventies-early eighties - this was the first "cool band" I was in with my buddies.  We started off playing C&W in honky tonks, eventually did the hotel gig scene, and evenuated into more of a rock band.  I have some good road stories from those days.  Jody Graves (guitar), Larry Kitzmiller (guitar/keys), and a couple of different drummers - Mike Badinger, Mark Silverberg.  Lloyd Herman played with us some too and we had a keyboard player for a while whose name I'm not recalling. Brian ...

Other groups and players I've worked with include: "Bigfoot Johnson" or John O'Daniel and the Boulevard with Rusty Burns on guitar, Joey Love and the Blues Express, Chant, St Lewis Blues with Lewis Hutcheson and Scott Weltner, The Kresstones opening for Omar and the Howlers, Texas Slim, Paul Harrington, Michael Lee, "Smoky" Logg, Gregg Smith, Karen Bella (check out this photo of me and Karen - thanks to Nancy Paris for this and other great photos on this site), Smokin' Joe Kubek, this is a rare photo of not only Joe but Rodney Johnson and Lloyd Herman on drums, caught live at Poor Davids Pub. Anyway, to continue remembering, there is Benois King who works with Joe Kubek, Jim Suhler, Mike Morgan, Mouse Mays, Mike McCullough, Bob Morris, Betty Lewis, Ronny Wise "Mouse" from Mouse & the Traps, Billy Joe Howard, Tommy Hill, Tim Orsburn (better know as TBuck) or Buck N th System, Tin Cans with Karen Bella, Arcadiana with Jerry Gibson from Sly, The Sidemen featuring Buddy Whittington who now works with John Mayall, Tamara Comstock opening for Ronny Milsap, Delbert McClinton, Collin Ray, John Anderson, and a bunch of folks I haven't remembered yet, and I'll keep'em coming as I remember them.


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