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This top video (the  intro video) Don't Be Scared, Moongliding on Mars, and Wake Up are recorded video of a live performance of the Mark Austin Band Oct 10, 2002 Curtain Club, Dallas, TX

Mark Austin - bass, vocals
Lewis Hutcheson - guitar
Scott Weltner - drums
Larry Spencer - trumpet
Dan Evans - trumpet
Lee Schloss - sax
Keith Adkins - trombone


Mark Austin Band

press the play button to play the video! This is a good intro to the Mark Austin Band.

Meet the cosmic trigger band in a candid interview conducted by the brother-in-law.

A great track! "Don't Be Scared" features the band ability to stretch out and rock! The song page is here and here

this is a short 13 seconds of what life really is in an interview with Mark caught in his then home/studio

New Artist Radio Awards Show - Alt Artist of the Yr, Mark Austin Band - Mark accepts

Moongliding on Mars is the title track from the second CD from the band
song page here

"Wake Up" is inspired from A Course in Miracles
song page here

Bass solos from Mark with the band

A Random Night at Oriley's back in the day

"Low Clouds Roll" from a week night at The Rock
song page here

"Pull Me Back To You" from The Rock
song page here

"Our Song" from The Rock
song page here

Mark Austin Solo Project

title track video "Cosmic Neighborhood"
song page here

"Blue Skies" to see past chemtrails
song age here

Mark Austin Acoustic Video Archive

Mark sings "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" which is released on a couple of different cd's with a couple of different versions.

awesome blues called "I'm Leaving Town"
song page here

Journey Without Distance" somg page here

from the same concert, "Callin' Out My Name".   Lewis sings some lead on this one.  Song page here

"Don't Be Scared" with Brent Rozell  song page here

Mark Austin Trance Project

"Acoustic Trance" from the Trance Project
song page here

Mark Austin with Common Ground

Mark plays bass on "Times, they are a Changing" by Bob Dylan, performed by Common Ground at ISU at a Peace Concert...Mark Turnbull guitar vocals, Dave Holt piano vocals, Christina Seaborne violin. 911 video in the background is very powerful!

this is an interview done in the mid-late 90's with Mark Austin of the Mark Austin Band as well as footage from Hedgehog, written by Lee Schloss