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2021      Mark Austin Solo Project "Jam in the Outside"

2021    Mark Austin Solo Project "Christmas Time" single

2021      Mark Austin Solo Project "Driving"

2020      Mark Austin Blues Project "Lockdown Blues"

2019     Mark Austin Solo Project "A Jam Band Christmas"

2011    Mark Austin Solo Project "Cosmic Neighborhood"

2010    Mark Austin Blues Project "Use Words if Necessary"

2009    Mark Austin Solo Project "Multidimensional"

2009    Mark Austin Solo Project featuring Lewis Hutcheson

2009  Listen on Apple Music  Mark Austin Gospel Project

2005     MARK AUSTIN BAND: Moongliding on Mars

seasoned musicians create depth from the Spirit and for the Soul when a mix of brilliant instrumentals spice soulful content filled lyrics and heartfelt vocals

2005 COMMON GROUND: The Music of Common Ground

In an effort to bring home the idea that "peace on earth happens one person at a time," Common Ground blends the sounds of folk, rock, and pop to inspire people to think beyond our differences to what we have in common.

2005   JIM CLEVELAND WITH MARK AUSTIN: Soul Stories: Tales of the Human Quest

Altruistic spiritual poetry readings laced with guitar, violin and bass, and guest artists in the spiritual new age and folk genre: Richard Knox, Lily Fraser, Charley Packard, Dan Tyler and Dave Weber.

2005    "All By Myself"  Mark Austin Blues Project

2005  Mark Austin Solo Project: On My Way  - feelingful spices of slide interspersed with bluesy vocals reaching for transcendence as good grooves jump around in genre from Alt Rock to prog rock to Country Gospel to a Christmas Song, not to mention two tracks from an earlier band "ooga booga" that have a sound all their own.

2005     MARK AUSTIN TRANCE PROJECT: MetaBass-Meditation_(MetaBation) a trance project involving fretless bass and a sample delay unit. 

2004    Child's Play to Learn, ages 3-7 by Austin and Harris - an educational cd for the little ones

2004     LEWIS AND MARK EXPEDITION: reopened - this is an acoustic adventure


2004 Souls Pouring JIM CLEVELAND WITH MARK AUSTIN: Souls Pouring: Expressions of Dark and Light - a project with fellow poetic brother Jim Cleveland

2004 Souls Blooming JIM CLEVELAND WITH MARK AUSTIN: Souls Blooming: Vibrations of the Loving Spirit - another project with fellow poetic brother Jim Cleveland

2004 We Can Be - Association for Light and
              Life ASSOCIATION FOR LIGHT AND LIFE: We Can Be: A Celebration of Spiritual Unity - Another project I've recently done in association with the Association for Light and Life

2004  "TransParent" by Mark Austin 
featured at kweekvak.com
songs charting at Besonic.com Globally @ #1 in Psychedelic, #6 in Acid Jazz USA, and #9 in Shamanic Trance in N. America and SoundClick.com charting at #8 in Pop:Power Pop and #15 in Acid Jazz and continues to climb

2002    "Cosmic Trigger"   
Top Ten in Radio Chart in Canada!
 For full press release click here and to #5 on the CMJ Radio Adds Chart for April 13th and #13 April 20th 2003 on the Top 200 at KMUD in California; also topping the charts at mp3.com in the rock, pop, and jazz catagories before the CD was finished and available for sale and continuing today. CD of the Year at kweevak.com

2004    "THE AUSTIN BROTHERS" by The Austin Brothers, this is a re-release of material recorded at a few different places - co-writer, bass, vocals etc..with the little brothers 

2001  Mark Austin Band "Bootleg" - bass, vocals.  Mastered at Celestial Studios by Mark Austin

2000  "Into the Innocence" by Jeff Hukill - co-producer, bass, vocals.  Recorded and mastered at Celestial Studios, Dallas TX by Mark Austin

2000 played bass with Joe Miller on the
                CD  Acoustic Chaos - Live at the Liquid Lounge - played bass and sang back-up vocals on a song with Joe Miller

1999  "Mark Austin Band recorded live at Blue Cat" - writer, bass, and vocals. Mastered at Celestial Studios by Mark Austin

1998  "SOULMATES" by Brent Rozell Celestial Studios - harmony vocals, and bass on Going Nowhere Fast;  bass on Ain't No Sunshine, It Bees That Way, Walkin' The Dog, Don't You Lie To Me, Quicksand, Flat Blues; engineer on entire CD.

1997  "NOW AND THEN" by Mark Austin Celestial Studios - writer, producer, arranger, artist, vocalist, bass, engineer, some guitar, some keyboards

1996  "THE MESSAGE IS GREATER THAN THE MESSENGER" by Mark Austin, Re-released by Mark Austin Acoustic Unplugged, Celestial Studios - writer, producer, arranger, artist, vocalist, bass, engineer
at iTunes soon

1996  "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" by Barbara Hester, Inner Vision Records - co-producer, bass, engineer

1996  "DROP YOUR MASK" by Stefani - bass, engineer

1994-95  NEVER RELEASED - "THE AUSTIN BROTHERS" by The Austin Brothers, Alliance Records - Big Band C&W featuring a 5 piece horn section - co-writer, co-producer, bass, vocals at iTunes here
masters lost

1994  "IMAGINARY FRIENDS" by Image Factory - bass on "Fly Away" and "Ripley"

1993  OOGA BOOGA (alternative world music) was released gaining an audience on NPR and various college campuses through out the United States - bandmember - bass - vocals - co-producer - contributing 4 songs to this cd as a writer.

1992  "HOT RHYTHM AND COOL BLUES...TEXAS STYLE" by Topcat Records featuring many Dallas blues artist. "St. Peter Have Mercy" by T. Buck Burns and Slip Clay - background vocals

1991  "She had the nicest pair of BBBBOOTS" by Tom Cunningham and the Austin Brothers was released worldwide by CC Star Records - bass player and artist - currently out of print

1990  Co-author, co-singer, and bass player of "I SAW NO TEARS," released worldwide by Alliance Records climbing to #3 by May on The Music Review Charts in Poughkeepsie, NY, #5 on The Indy Bullet Charts, #32 on Cashbox's The Hot 150, and debuting higher than any other record on ICC's charts. currently out of print

1989  "The Zone" - writer, co-writer, engineer, bass, and vocals  Features Joe Lee on guitar and Martin McCall on drums


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