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Spiritual links, thoughts, experiences ect...

Well it's 7-19-2015.  It is unbelievable how much I have grown spiritually.  A couple of years ago I discovered Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis.  He is offering the deepest level of truth I have found at this time, way beyond the rest below.  One's own empowerment offers the experience.


It is 6/24/2011.  It was 10/9/06 the last time I updated this file.  Wow!  I've grown huge amounts injust the last 6 months! some of which is captured on my blog ( and which I'll be updating whenever that now moment is, how about that for a way?  It was last updated 8/17/2010. :-)  Talk about loosing track of time :-)  It'll soon merge!

Discover, process, vibe!

check out my youtube playlist here .... a lot of videos on various subjects there



Dan, the pupose of DNA

Mark at

Bill and Karrey

My own account of Celestial Contact

Introducing the Teaching Mission and the archives from the Teaching Mission

and what happened here - the Dallas lessons - and down the street in OK and all over

both from The Urantia Book Online

also one of my personal favorite teachers, Veronica

other goings on include


The Center for Christ Consciousness

LightSon: Nourish your Spirit!

Brother Jim has lots of info and links at

Brother Daniel has much to offer with The Church Within

what I keep trying to get in my thick skull - it's my hypnosis paper

An outline of the seven spiritual laws of success as described by Deepak Chopra 7 laws

a few quotes about art from the Urantia Book

I highly recommend this course - A Course In Miracles

introduction to ACIM

Speaking of that,