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          downloads of acid jazz, acid jazz tx stlye, or book a couple
          of us with our acoustic guitars - The Mark Austin Band is a
          Dallas based 7 piece original music band featuring a three
          piece horn section
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Welcome Friends!
Our highest goal is to raise the consciousness of the planet!  And, we do in ourselves.  We expand and learn dreaming with the planet through the north pole entrance.  Help us spread the love, info and freedom.  Here are ways that you can join in.   Feel free to email us to get involved at any level you would like.  What do you do that would be fun to contribute?  email Iwannahelp (at - replace with symbol, no spaces)  - duh, I just disovered that the email addy for helping was going to my trash :-(  so if you've tried before please try again, thanks, Mark

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Go to the radio airplay link and request the songs, especially easy on the internet!

And when you come see us  Band Calendar we'll design a way to find a win-win.

Go to
various music websites and link, download, review and listen, share as well as use as greetings for emails etc.

Talk up the music and the benifit of the music in chatrooms.  It's very positive and musical and HEALTHY.  Why?  Because it is fractal.

Help hang posters and get the word out about upcoming shows, SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA.   Visit the poster page for posters

SEND INVITES TO FRIENDS and family, inviting them to the show and sharing the music and the message with them.   One at a time is a great way to spread the love!

Help Set Up a Concert!  Have you been waiting for the Mark Austin Band to come to your town?   You can do something about it!  So, wait no more.  If you have ideas for a concert in your town, email booking  (at-insert the @ sign)  Mark also scales down to a duo or trio acoustically and does 'house concerts', so you may want to consider whether your home would be a good location for an intimate concert.  Do you not know much about house concerts?  Find out more here

also, remember the above holds true for the Mark Austin Solo Project

and for Mark Austin Acoustic Unplugged
and as well as Mark Austin Trance Project

and now there lives the blues project

above projects are available in most major media outlets