"Don't Be Scared" from the "cosmic trigger" CD, which made it to #9 on the CMJ (College Music Journal) Charts in Canada and #13 in California in the Public Radio Station Arena
this cut features the Mark Austin Band with the horn arrangement by Mark Austin and Larry Spencer...Lewis - guitar, Scott - drums, Lee - sax, Keith - bone...available from your iTunes account here
Don't Be Scared (Band)

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below see the Mark Austin Band live from the curtain club playing
"Don't Be Scared"
Mark Austin - bass, vocals
Lewis Hutcheson - guitar
Scott Weltner - drums
Larry Spencer - trumpet
Dan Evans - trumpet
Lee Schloss - tenor sax
Keith Adkins - trombone


The blossom of the flower opens slowly like the mind
the adjustments of perception, never fearing peace sublime
All within their province bring together kindred kind
desires, true hope, if we could see the scenes behind

 Don't Be Scared
It's better than us all
Don't Be scared
of the shadow of your soul
Don't Be Scared
it loves you just the same
Don't Be Scared
to learn to see the same inside
 talk with the spirit of your heart
saved by the silence, the journey never ends
we go so far to find what lives within

 It can whisper in the winds, bring knowing in the twilight
like a distant dream of inner thought or the dawn of inner sight
looking through the shadow to find the friend inside
silence is the looking glass to descry the peace I hide


   words and music by Mark Austin copyright 1994
album cover MARK AUSTIN BAND: Cosmic Trigger

Combines thought provoking vocals, mind altering guitar, and mantra like bass lines, harmonizing to the tune of transcendent horns, a clairvoyant drum beat, and astral percussion
I feel a responsibility for what I think because the arena of choice lives in my mind. What I do comes from what I think. It is there that I experience the consciousness of life; therefore, the need for me to interpret my brother's needs as my own. Every loving response I achieve identification with in my mind brings the remembrance of who I am closer to my awareness. So, for my own sake, I listen -- as if playing music with others. In order to create harmony and play with others, I first had to develop the art of listening with an open ear -- realizing the desire to complement the whole is a powerful expression of the individual.  We're all in the same big band.  The late great Bill Hicks enlightened us as to the ride.  Thank You!  Fear is yet another toxin robbing us of our own higher Identity.


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