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'Live' BAND Reviews

The Mark Austin Band has twice visited the featured artist spot at  In April 2002 and back in 2000

artist of
                    the month twice at hotbandsThank you Pat for the great job you are doing!  

David Gasten at said "the audience was mesmerized, and this music critic was so stunned " described the music as "that rare breed of music that anyone can enjoy... It's fabulous!"

'cosmic trigger' CD Reviews

The Mark Austin Band are dynamic and their freshmen release is out of this world!  (Review by Laura Turner Lynch for Kweevak.comcd of the year 2004 at

Claude Gagne at K.L.O.D. Music eZine and online radio says "elements are weaved expertly to create hauntingly interesting music, that is deserving of the term original"   Later that year they inducted us into his Indie Hall of Fame

"Lyrically this album is great and the complex music arrangements have accolades all their own" says smother music eZine at boasts "all I can say is tremendous"...."My personal favorite, Don't be Scared (or as I like to subtitle, oh yeah our bassist rocks)..." 

"What a band.  What a voice!" say's Bass Inside Magazine

MARK AUSTIN BAND's "cosmic trigger" In Top Ten in Radio Chart in Canada!
 For full press release click here

and to #5 on the CMJ Radio Adds Chart for April 13th and #13 April 20th 2003 on the Top 200 at KMUD in California; also topping the charts at in the rock, pop, and jazz catagories before the CD was finished and before the fall of the popular portal.