Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
(principles of nature)
as described by Deepak Chopra

1. law of pure potentiality - maintenence of connection

a) meditation - silence (I am Spirit)
b) witness intelligence of nature
c) take time to not judge



2. law of giving - recieving

a) if you want help, give help
b) if you want money, help someone else make money



3. law of karma (action) - in our essential state we are choice-makers

a) witness body intelligence - bring choice from level of subconscious to conscious by:
* witnessing it
* observing it
( don't evaluate, label, define, or describe it right then )
b) forsee the consequences

* ASK MYSELF if this choice will bring me & everyone else happiness or not
* ASK my heart for guidance and be guided by it's message of comfort & discomfort

4. Law of least effort

A) practicing acceptance

1) let go - the Universe has bigger plans for me than I have for myself

B) responsibility

1) the ability to respond - get in touch with feelings as they occur - the more creative the response, the more responsible.

2) the ability to surrender to the pain too

C) loose the need to defend my point of view



5. law of intention and desire - desire is the connection between the existant and the non-existant

A) make a list of your desires & introduce them in moments of meditation
B) practice present moment awareness



[ inherent in every intention and desire is the mechanics for it's fullfillment - intention (information) and attention (energy) are the two qualities Inherent in the FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS ]

6. Law of detachment

A) don't identify with the roles I play (musician, husband, son, ect..)
B) be process oriented, not outcome oriented
C) factor in uncertainty - uncertainty creates freedom from our past



[ the past is a prison of the known (past conditioning) - Napoleon Hill said "Good luck is when opportunity meets preparedness." You can't have preparedness if your stuck in the known. Preparedness means surrender to the unknown. The known can be a ridig way of thinking. The unknown is limitless. ]

7) law of dharma (purpose in life)

A) each person has a unique talent or gift to give and when used in service, there occurs joy
B) we are here to help each other - how can I give, help?
C) experience our higher self - we are Spiritual beings having occasional human experiences *make a list of talents and say, "how can I use these in service to humanity?"



the above is as described by Deepak Chopra



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