this is something I put together in preperation for a hypnosis session.  The session was to quit smoking cigarettes.  I just had this added in :-)  The hypnotist ask to keep it and of course I said sure.  But it was wrote down after meditation and kind of put together streams of thought sometimes from everything I was studying at the time, mostly "A Course In Miracles," The Urantia Book and geared to have someone read it while under.  tum ta dum tum...tum da tum tum tummmmm
I love to copy the text to pleaseread and use it to enter meditation as a sort of cosmic trigger.
There is no eternal reality other than God, and God indwells your mind, and would have you change your feelings of fear to the convictions of love. You are indeed becoming one with this fragment of pre-personal Deity in this eternal NOW. Who you are comes from God. You are a child of God and God loves you. You have the ability to transcend your own perceptions. You are guided by the Father Himself. 

There is no order of difficulty in miracles. You have complete faith in the power that heals all pain ever perceived. You do not wish to retain any aspect of fear & pain from the truth, The Light. You now join with your TRUE SELF, the fragment of God living within you, giving up all previous perceptions, past fears, dark secrets, mis-perceptions of yourself and your fellow man by bringing them to God's Light where you both look upon them as they are gently shined into the nothingness from which they came. God's light NOW shines these dark perceptions away. You will remember only the loving thoughts that God would have you remember. All but loving thoughts are now forgotten, and what remains is eternal. No longer does the past conflict with NOW. This continuity extends the present by increasing it's reality and it's value in your perception of it. You see with God that only love is real. You know now who you are as a part of God and who your brothers and sisters are as a part of God. You see only love in yourself and all others, for nothing else is eternally true. You remain completely assured in the outcome of uncertainty. You are content, loving, and easily responsive to the leadings of the Father and His teachers as there are no distractions. You now have clarity in your communications with God and His teachers. Loving thoughts are now all you identify with or remember because only they are real. You will not attack yourself or any other in any manner. Attack is now seen as a call for love, and appreciation is the only appropriate response. The past is no more and you will not feel or respond to guilt in any way. Who you are comes from God and needs no defense. 

The stillness and peace of NOW enfold you in perfect gentleness. Everything is gone except the truth. You are that truth, beyond all perception and interpretation. You now know this. You will always remember this because it is who you are, and this truth will live in your conscious mind. Distraction cannot enter because you live in the mind of God. 

All judgment is now replaced with forgiveness. There is now no need for defense. You are whole, complete love. Being love, you have no opposite, for love is all-encompassing. 

Your only function is the one God gave you. You want no other and have no other. Your happiness and your function are one. It is your will that God's will be done. You cannot be in conflict because you live in true reality which evokes no conflict at all. You are at peace. Nothing can disturb you. Your will and God's are one. You are God's Son eternally and you are united with your Creator. God's will for you is perfect happiness.


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