1994 - 1995


        During a meditation specifically focused on opening myself to the Father and without
thought of contacting my teacher (at that time, I felt unworthy and years away from being ready
for contact), I laid down on the floor with pillows propped under my head, feet and legs up on a
hassock, and arms outstretched with palms upward in a posture of receiving.
        During a prayerful meditation, I was asking the Father's help in the dealing with sudden
family problems I was faced with--feeling helpless.  Towards the end of the meditation while
talking to the Father, it was as if an unobserved person stepped into a conversation between two
people, an interruption of sorts, saying, "I'll help you."  I immediately knew it was my teacher and
became anxious to record what she was telling me.
        I will never forget the feeling of recognition when she said, "I'll help you."
                                                  Nalice (Arlene)


                  TOPIC                                 DATE

 2 LOVING SERVICE                                   - AUGUST     4
 3 MESSAGE OF ENCOURAGEMENT                         - SEPTEMBER  2
 4 GUIDANCE                                         - SEPTEMBER  3
 5 CHOICES                                          - SEPTEMBER  7
 6 MEDITATION                                       - SEPTEMBER  9
 7 OPTIMISM                                         - SEPTEMBER 12
 8 SURRENDER                                        - SEPTEMBER 13
 9 BEHAVIORAL CHANGE                                - SEPTEMBER 15
10 LEADERSHIP                                       - SEPTEMBER 16
11 FORGIVENESS                                      - SEPTEMBER 18
12 HUMILITY                                         - SEPTEMBER 18
14 FEAR                                             - SEPTEMBER 22
15 SELF-DISCIPLINE                                  - SEPTEMBER 23
16 BEAUTY                                           - SEPTEMBER 26
17 HEALING                                          - SEPTEMBER 27
18 RISK AND CHALLENGE                               - SEPTEMBER 29
19 MOTHER SPIRIT NEBADONIA                          - SEPTEMBER 29
20 DISCERNMENT                                      - OCTOBER    3
21 LISTENING                                        - OCTOBER    4
22 RESOLVING CONFLICT                               - OCTOBER    5
23 THANKFULNESS                                     - OCTOBER    6
24 FAITH                                            - OCTOBER    8
25 HUMOR                                            - OCTOBER   10
26 SHARING LOVE                                     - OCTOBER   11
27 PROGRESS ON URANTIA                              - OCTOBER   12
28 PAIN AND SUFFERING                               - OCTOBER   14
29 SERVICE                                          - OCTOBER   17
30 EFFECTS OF MEDIOCRITY                            - OCTOBER   18
31 PATIENCE                                         - OCTOBER   19
32 PERSONAL MESSAGE TO TR                           - OCTOBER   20
33 MESSAGE OF ENCOURAGEMENT                         - OCTOBER   26
34 DISCOURAGEMENT                                   - NOVEMBER   7
35 COMMUNICATION                                    - NOVEMBER   8
37 AWARENESS                                        - NOVEMBER  16
38 PRAYER                                           - NOVEMBER  21
39 SIMPLICITY                                       - NOVEMBER  28
40 PERSEVERANCE                                     - NOVEMBER  30
41 WILL                                             - DECEMBER   1
42 CELEBRATION                                      - DECEMBER  12
44 GLOBAL HARMONY                                   - DECEMBER  19
45 LIGHTEN UP - MERRY CHRISTMAS                     - DECEMBER  20
46 HARMONY IN THE NOW                               - DECEMBER  27
47 TOLERANCE                                        - DECEMBER  29

TABLE OF CONTENTS (Continued in 1995):

                  TOPIC                                 DATE

48 TRUTH AND LOVE                                   - JANUARY    4
49 BE HERE NOW                                      - JANUARY    5
50 BELIEFS CREATING EXPERIENCE                      - JANUARY   19
51 FEELINGS                                         - JANUARY   20
52 SPIRITUAL POWER                                  - JANUARY   23
54 HEIRARCHY (SPIRITUAL)                            - JANUARY   27
55 MORALITY                                         - JANUARY   30
56 DECISION MAKING                                  - JANUARY   31
57 JEWELS OF ENLIGHTENMENT                          - FEBRUARY   1
58 MEMORY - TAKE IT WITH YOU                        - FEBRUARY   7
59 TRUE HAPPINESS                                   - FEBRUARY  10
60 POSITIVE ENERGY                                  - FEBRUARY  16
61 COURAGE                                          - FEBRUARY  18
62 RENEWAL                                          - FEBRUARY  22
63 PERSONAL MESSAGE TO T/R                          - FEBRUARY  26
64 SERENITY                                         - MARCH      1
65 CONNECTEDNESS                                    - MARCH      4
66 SECOND TEACHING ON TOLERANCE                     - MARCH      8      67 INDIVIDUAL
OUTREACH                              - MARCH     21      68 RECOGNIZING OPPORTUNITIES
- MARCH     30
69 COMMITMENT                                       - APRIL      5
70 FAREWELL                                         - APRIL     10

        GODSPEED, VERONICA by Arlene (April 11, 1995)


VERONICA - AUGUST 3, 1994                         INTRODUCTORY LESSON
Volcano, Hawaii - #1

I'll help you--
        Learn to open yourself to the love of the Father, and this will revitalize the energy you will need to
process each situation in conjunction with the Father's will.  Always recognize the fragment of the Father
in everyone with deliberate and intentional focus.
        When you awaken each morning, before arising, close your eyes and feel and embrace the Father's
Love and ask Him for guidance in how best to do His will that day.  Take some quiet time to re-acquaint
yourself with the extraordinary role model of Christ Michael to assist you in the manner in which personal
interaction will proceed.  Always refresh your intentions with the Father's love so that you can convey this
love to others in a continuous flow so that they, too, may be touched.

VERONICA - AUGUST 4, 1994                                 LOVING SERVICE
Volcano, Hawaii - #2

Greetings my beloved partner,
        I share the exhilarating joy of awareness and sweet recognition of our mutual manifestations of
connection.  You have opened a new path that will enrich and nurture your desire to attain a deeper
comprehension of the grace and omniscience of the First Source and Center.
        Loving service is the much overlooked key to the attainment of the upliftment of those who enter
your daily life.  Methods which, as yet, you do not readily recognize, will enable others to discern
techniques and patterns of action that will illuminate their paths.  Do not become discouraged if results are
not evident, as many seeds germinate undetected.
        Uphold your commitment to your brothers and sisters, and your efforts will come to fruition in the
extended outreach of the Father.
        We all have precious value in our Father's gaze, and each tiny step nearer will surge our hearts
with the luminosity of His magnificent presence.  All who need and desire this ultimate compass will find
their direction in the varied paths of our common and wondrous goal.
        Thank you for accepting me into your heart.

Bayonne, New Jersey




Volcano, Hawaii - #3

Hello, my dear friend--
        I commend your efforts in reading the Urantia Book with more thoughtful attention and give you
my loving encouragement to continue to seek truth and the guidance of goodness to assist you in
recognizing the will of the Father throughout your mortal sojourn.  It will enhance your spiritual future
and ensure continuous episodes of growth in the maturation of your spirit being.
        Strive to habitually feel the presence of the Father in your every living moment.  We are all part of
the wondrous team that has the potential to bring about constant upliftment of the universe and
progressively infuse the Father's plan with our loving quest for the embrace of the Father's perfection.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 3, 1994                                 GUIDANCE
Volcano, Hawaii - #4

        Welcome every opportunity to commune with the Father, and your receptivity will flourish and
your capacity for love will maximize and provide you with the ideal energy required to correct the
situations you perceive as obstacles.
        A very essential component of absorbing divine grace is to consciously and lovingly forsake
judgment of others.  It is spiritually vital to nourish your approach to the Father Fragment in others in a
positive embellishment of their point of divinity within.  This necessary milestone in the ascension career
of mortals will enhance your memory of spiritually valuable encounters on this present plane.
        The achievement of this awareness will be a catalyst to the precursor of light and life attainment on
Urantia.  This way will illuminate the darkness in the minds of those who are locked in fear and obstructed
by hate.  Tremendous effort needs to be initiated to generate loving understanding, merciful forgiveness,
and patient tolerance to illuminate a path for quickened evolution.
        I appreciate your acceptance and willingness to share my guidance.  I send my love and
encouragement to all who receive my message.
        The Father's love will persistently cradle you during your devotion to living His will.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 7, 1994                              CHOICES
Volcano, Hawaii - #5

Hello, dear friends.
        It is with great joy and immense tenderness that I convey my assistive thoughts and sense their
warm reception.
        You have all been blessed with the magnificent gift of unfettered freedom of will which intensifies
the importance of the choices you select in your everyday life.  Ponder, for a moment, how many are
made thoughtlessly and without awareness and conscious deliberation.
        The key to gracious and loving choosing is tenacious adherence to careful selection of action in
even seemingly insignificant occurences of your day.  This will not be effortless as consistent
consciousness is important during all your waking hours.  It does not preclude your opportunities for
leisure, humor, and relaxation, as choices are important in all aspects of living in goodness and love.
        My advice is to practice awareness in all your moments, even in the most mundane of tasks.  If
you continue to seek the Father thoughtfully, your gratification in your successful selections will be shared
with the Father; and you will feel immediate recognition of a wise step taken.
        Continue to approach all your actions with loving methods and you will become enveloped in
divine grace and experienced in choice patterns that pursue the shining progression to the First Source and
Center.  Truly endeavor to live love and your daily choosings will reflect His choice as well.

Volcano, Hawaii - #6

Greetings, beloved friends.
        Your enthusiasm and sincerity to learn and improve will affirm your spiritual integrity and
attune you to the essential vibratory tone needed for transcendent happiness.
        Continue your time of quiet and being with the Father, and these moments of deep
contemplation and sustained introspection will bring about harmony and integration of loving
balance and peace within your hearts.
        Your daily visitations with the Father could be effortless, joyous, and much anticipated if
you learn to sweep away distraction and find the most conducive situation for you.  There is no
mystical, magical, or highly skilled methods required; for a visit with the Father is as easy as
visiting a favored friend, and any obstacles you encounter are self-placed.
        Recognize and eliminate the blocks you are creating and discern why you are holding back
on the vibration of being in His radiant embrace.  If you could allow yourself to feel His love in
these exclusive moments of stillness, all your doubts, fears, and insecurities would melt away in the
feel of His presence.  This inner light would sustain you with enormous spiritual contentment and
be the zenith of your day, and you would delight at the adoration of the Divine in others.   It is
simple and uncompli-
cated and contingent on your faith which I know to be strong.
        Continue to seek the thrill of divine influence in your quiet moments with the Father, and
all your daily struggles will acquiesce into harmonic and peaceful achievements.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 12, 1994                             OPTIMISM
Volcano, Hawaii - #7

        I convey my nurturing love and gentle encouragement to all who receive my message.
        It is so imperative to share all you've learned and this is the true essence of your purpose.
Truthful and loving optimism blended with blessed intention will insulate your fragile tendencies
towards discouragement and protect you when doubt and negativism surfaces in your thoughts.
        Your mortal propensity for impatience often makes fertile ground for lowering your true
potential in any given situation causing you to deny truth.
        Unswerving faith and trust engenders optimistic anticipation and joyful action that leaves
only room for positive beliefs--if you could only comprehend how effective each and every one of
you are in the process of initiating favorable change--you are extremely important and very vital to
the accomplishment of the divine plan.
        Your measurements of progress are too anticipatory of rapid and striking changes, and that
will not occur in the expectations you have set.  All evolutionary processes may seem slow in your
perspective; however, the constant enfoldment of enlightenment occurs in the strong, steady power
of the Father's purpose.
        Recall how brilliant optimism pervaded every example of our dearly beloved Christ
Michael throughout his mortal existence on Urantia in his teachings and exemplary instruction to
enliven the Spirit of Truth in us all.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 12, 1994                          OPTIMISM
Volcano, Hawaii - #7                                     Page 2

        If you would grasp the importance of your dual outreach to the Father and to your brothers
and sisters by your willingness to extend love in all instances, you would be able to visualize the
magnitude of your assignment and the steady, patient steps that would bring its achievement.  Let
the tremendous joy of knowing the Father fill you entirely so that optimism will pervade your
reality and overflow to others in your loving effusion for planetary transformation.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 13, 1994                          SURRENDER
Volcano, Hawaii - #8

Greetings, my dear friends.
        You have much to absorb and to comprehend, and I hope that I am of assistance.
        Surrender is the process that teaches us to trust the Divine within, to have faith that we are
being guided.  The lower will, your will, is given to the higher will, His will.  When we consciously
move in harmonious alignment, at-one-ment with the Father, we become self-realized and
enlightened; and we begin to live unconditional love.  It is in surrendering that we become
teachable, and we begin to strip away the protective coverings and stare into an unending expanse
of possibilities.
        Faith is a moment-by-moment commitment.  Each surrender, no matter how small, is a
significant step in learning how to allow the Father to work through us; and it is only then that we
find that the Father calls us to live our joy to the fullest.
        No one's purpose in the scheme of things is any higher or lower than another's, for none of
us can do all that has to be done; and no one is expected to accomplish our mission alone.
        Never confuse human smallness with divine effectiveness as each of us is potentially the
difference in the world.  Letting go, moves us gradually toward detachment; and this is a higher
form of love because it loves the being behind the problem and doesn't get stuck in the problem.
        In a detached state of mind, perception is heightened and discrimination is keener; and we
are more likely to become an

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 13, 1994                         SURRENDER
Volcano, Hawaii - #8                                     Page 2

open conduit through which love can pour into any situation.  We become the embodiment of our
new truth, and it is present in everything we do.
        Ponder these concepts and incorporate them into living practices in your life, and you will
truly become an instrument of His will; and you will start to fulfill your present commitment in
divine love.

Volcano, Hawaii - #9

        I love you all very much and want my guidance to take root and blossom into loving
        Behavioral change and spiritual growth go hand in hand, but you must provide ample
opportunity and be open to learn.  Think righteously, act lovingly, and speak gently; and you will
become perceptive of intuitive knowing.  Examine your daily habits to see, by virtue of frequency,
which ones you place a great deal of importance on by how often you repeat the behavior.  Can
any be replaced by actions of increased value?
        Be gentle with yourself and attempt only small changes at first, so that your successes will
be steady and guided.  Think of the lessons of the Master Son and all the underlying messages of
His parables and how these can translate into your life.
        Identify behaviors that are harmful, recognize thought patterns that stagnate your ability to
mature; and ask for guidance in discarding these shackles of true freedom and manipulators of soul
formation.  You will know which ones must take priority in eliminating from your daily agenda.
This is truly difficult to achieve when resistance and complacency have strong footholds in your
spirit motivation center of your mind.
        I strongly recommend persistence and patience as you are also receiving asistance from
others on this side who want you so much to succeed and who have used unlimited continuity in

Volcano, Hawaii - #9                                      Page 2

attempts to help you see.  My purpose is to provide poignant guidance and flashes of divine insight
to enable you to receive instruction and begin to tend to those areas you are neglecting.
        You are so loved and even your smallest successes provide us with delight and thrilling
desire to uplift you even higher in your inner journey towards the Father.  We can only help show
you the way; however, you must walk the path and "follow Him" towards your heavenly home.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 16, 1994 - 9 a.m.                   LEADERSHIP
Volcano, Hawaii - #10

Greetings, my beloved students.
        Your awareness of your role as leaders is so essential to your progress, and it is extremely
important for your comprehension of your mission and direction.  Leaders are life-long learners
and possess vision that engages the spirit by doing small things with great love.
        When you interact with goodness and inspiration, others will mirror your attitude; and they
in turn may act with increased compassion and understanding and become more loving and
        Let vision speak from inside you and this will help others become leaders, too; and they
will grasp the larger vision.  Openness and tolerance of others means approaching everything with
love and maintaining non-judgmental attitudes and behavior.  Always affirm the value of others in
all your interactions with them, and this will magnify your sensitivity and joyful existence of love
and acceptance of self and others.
        All my guidance to you will prepare you to become effective teachers and loving leaders of
direction toward the Father. Serenity is the means to live effectively, and if you continue to work
on expanding your capacity for love through the techniques I have shown you, you will begin to
acquire the true components of leadership.  Your love for the Father will penetrate your being to
enable you to love yourself as His child, and this love will enlarge and develop in scope and
direction in the vast expanse of His creation; and you will lead others to follow a continuous
passage to Him.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 18, 1994 - 2 a.m.                  FORGIVENESS
Volcano, Hawaii - #11

Greetings precious companions.
        It is helpful to receive my messages of guidance with intent of action for their value to be
        The simple act of conscious forgiveness always precedes spiritual progression.
        Perception of personal injustice creates a barrier that obstructs the ability to be a loving
vehicle of the Father's expression.
        Always afford others the divine gesture of compassion that you readily accept from the
Father.  Resentment occludes the circulation of the luminosity of love and forms a shell of
resistance to sharing and receiving.  Pardon them as He pardons you, and you will open all circuits
of mercy and unconditional forgiveness.  Recall all perceived offenders and extend your reach of
tolerance and understanding so that you will readily excuse their transgressions.  Attempt to do this
daily to ensure sincerity of purpose and purification of your intent.
        Never allow a state of unforgiveness to linger in your being as all other exercises to
strengthen your spirit will falter.  This will enhance your efforts to seek truth in your practice of
stillness and overcome your enemies of divine virtue.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 18, 1994 - 7 a.m.                  HUMILITY
Volcano, Hawaii - #12

Hello, my cherished friends.
        I send you my love and gentle urging to continue to be steadfast in your efforts to master
spiritual carelessness and to cultivate courageous yearning to overcome indolent impediments.
        Arouse your noble ambitions by reflecting on humility and gratitude and liberate your
restlessness by abandoning the false barriers of ego.  It is hardest to recognize our own faults but
easy to recognize defect in others.  Relinquish self-importance and reflect on the life-transforming
and emancipating qualities of humbleness.
        Continually strive to serve others, and you will attain a true balance of humility and love
that will be dynamic to receiving the gifts of grace and enable you to sow seeds of light.
        Seek the timeless thread of humility throughout your quest for perfection, and the Father
will softly lift you to higher vibrations of His purpose and enthrall you with a burning desire to
accomplish His plan.

Volcano, Hawaii - #13

Dear friends,
        Your private and personal expressions of appreciation are well received, and I thank you
for your willingness and openness.  As always, my deep concern is for your continued
development and increased understanding.  There are multiple phases that comprise the correction
event now unfolding on Urantia, and your conception of the intitial four phases will enlarge your
vision of the essential role you must perform.
        The first of these stages regards the manifold deployment of personal and group teachers
that have volunteered their loving service and who are involved in the transformation preparation
of mortals in ways that are both obvious and concealed to you.  Their presence is now
acknowledged to some and unceasingly becoming evident to others.  The task they have embarked
upon is a segment of what some of your associates call the Teaching Mission, and this involves the
regeneration of spiritual values on individual levels.
        This second phase is exceedingly significant and of great consequence to subsequent stages
of transformation that will eventualize on your planet.  All my previous and future lessons will give
emphasis to this indispensable and profound shift of perception to enhance your inner sense of
right direction.  This reprogramming of unconscious personal beliefs that block fuller awareness of
your potential is vital to transition into Phase Three which involves a massive and collective change
in basic assumptions.  It will involve vast populations and bring about an

Volcano, Hawaii - #13                                       Page 2

unprecedented speed of conversion that is inconceivable to you now.  There will be a major shift
in the interpretation of reality and an assimilation of spiritual and intellectual knowing that will
enable a commitment to a shared vision by communal methods.  You will be the progenitors that
enable this stage of our assignment to be actualized, and it will be after this segment of progression
that the expertise of the Melchizedeks will be employed to bring about the fullest development of
man's highest powers.  This fourth phase of transformation will impart profound wisdom that will
overcome complex problems of uncertainty and usher the collective consciousness on a rapid track
towards light and life.
        There are many more stages to this vast undertaking; however, these phases of progression
have been conveyed to place emphasis on the importance of self-development.  These events will
not come in orderly succession; and just as individual progression occurs at varied rates, these
phases will at times appear concurrently and singularly but will eventually consummate into
transcendent meaning.
        When Christ Michael assumed mortal form and walked on Urantia, there were many
unaware of His presence.  Your seemingly small steps will foster the transitions needed to precede
each stage of worldwide correction.  It gives me tremendous joy to provide you with affectionate
influence in devotion to the Father.

Volcano, Hawaii - #13                                       Page 3

        It is my desire in this conveyance to help you comprehend the profound importance of
your daily struggles towards perfection as it will be fundamental and inherent to the divine plan
and our loving progression towards the First Source and Center.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 22, 1994                               FEAR
Volcano, Hawaii - #14

My dear beloved friends,
        I bestow my love and warmest affection to all who receive my messages, and give you my
continual reassurance to inspire confidence in all your endeavors.  Fear is a many-faceted
antagonist whose illusory essence needlessly squanders energy better used for positive purpose.
        Distressful worry obscures truth and renders you incapable of selflessly serving the Source
of your divine inspiration.  Insecurities are a natural outgrowth of fear that negatively influences all
your actions and strains your ability to generate love and acquire inner fulfillment.
        You can begin to recognize your fears by identifying the escape mechanisms that surface
repeatedly in your time spent in avoidance.  Procrastination is often a symptom of subtle fear that
stifles clarity of perception that keeps your sources of anxiety veiled from your recognition.  It
takes a great deal of courage to confront insecurity because you often perceive a loss of safeness;
however, focusing on the Father's love in these times of imagined threat will provide you with
undaunted bravery in combating these fabricated demons of your thoughts.
        Seize opportunities to face your uneasiness when you feel most nourished by the Father,
and you will learn to eradicate these conjured thorns that forestall your proficiency in becoming
more like Him.  You are the creator of your fears and conflict,

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 22, 1994                              FEAR
Volcano, Hawaii - #14                                    Page 2

and you can choose to formulate eloquent and loving substitutes to renew your energy and
reinforce your zeal for higher aspirations.
        I assure you that my love will shower you with intensity in all your conquering attempts
and assist you in recognizing the beauty of every present moment.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 23, 1994 - 10 a.m.             SELF-DISCIPLINE
Volcano, Hawaii - #15

Loving students and interested friends,
        It is my fondest desire to help you in your journey of spiritual growth, and it is my hope
that I may motivate you into thought and action.
        Self-examination is a dedication to truth that can be difficult but will validate your efforts in
self-improvement.  You must not overlook the importance of self-discipline as a primary means of
generating more love into your lives.  Discipline requires time and if you perceive yourselves as
valuable, your time will be valuable; and if your time is valuable, you will want to use it favorably,
carefully, happily and productively.
        When you love something, it has meaning and value to you; and you take care of it with
attention and affection.  Self-discipline is self-caring love converted into action--a postponement of
gratificaton to achieve your own best interests.  It is a beautiful and evolved form of free will; for
without the discipline of genuine love, freedom would be non-loving and destructive.
        We often attribute non-disciplined behavior to forces beyond ourselves as if we have little
or no responsibility in its occurence.  Self-governance is a manifestation of love that has its genesis
in divine grace and is one of the most valuable gifts we can give the Father and ourselves.  It
reveals our dedication to Him and the degree to which we desire to do His will.  It is through self-
discipline that we truly learn to yield to the Fathers' volition and begin to discern the higher path
that verifies and infuses eternal meaning into our lives.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 26, 1994 - 9 a.m.                      BEAUTY
Volcano, Hawaii - #16

My dearest kindred spirits and eager children of the Father,
        I extend my loving appreciation to all my sisters and brothers who fervently pursue to
deepen their grasp of intimate connection to their resplendent divinity within through my
affectionate instruction.
        Your conception of beauty is undergoing rapid development, and this progression will
continue to transform into pre-mota receptivity to enable you to recognize beauty on deeper and
more exquisite levels.
        Your accelerating awareness of the radiance of spiritual beauty will cultivate your abilities
to glorify Him in revered adoration and genuine worship and directly nourish your desire to
transform your will into His.  The senses of your spirit will sharpen in clarity and in delicate
recognition of the grandeur of His irresistible design.
        Beauty continually unfolds around you in captivating loveliness, and a new dimension will
penetrate your consciousness as you advance in perfection.  It thrives in proportion to your
ascension and begins to illuminate with intensity as you achieve increased skill in the perception of
        The Father Fragment is inherently radiant and illuminates naturally from all His children.
To truly recognize the incredible beauty of His unfolding purpose immediately transforms you into
a state of irresistible adoration and meaningful worship of His magnificence.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 26, 1994                            BEAUTY
Volcano, Hawaii - #16                                    Page 2

        As you develop spiritually, an extraordinary type of reflectivity will become recognizable to
you, much like the radiant energy you perceive in another's smile.  To us, you are like fragile little
infant spirits that exude pulsating glows as you grow and who will eventually actualize and
illuminate into brilliant beacons of supernal form.
        Beauty is love visualized in spirit perception and love is beauty's highest form that reflects
with enormous brilliance as you move closer to the Father.
        Continue to ameliorate your veneration and adoration of Him through your continued
recognition of beauty and goodness, and it will become a visual melody in praise of His everlasting

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 27, 1994 - 1 p.m.                   HEALING
Volcano, Hawaii - #17

Dear friends,
        I am joyful of the opportunity to communicate in this manner; however, my vehicle of
contact has not yet achieved the necessary experience needed for total expression of my
        You have received accuracy in meaning, although confusion in reception sometimes
spawns error in concepts.  Patience, practice, and perseverance will overcome these minor
        Your involvement in Phase Two of the correction event also encompasses healing, and
concentrated effort needs to be focused on healing yourself and others.  Your past efforts have
tremendous healing properties and will further the advancement of the planet in restorative
qualities to allow collective consciousness to proceed with health and vigor of spirit direction.
        Your roles as students, teachers, and leaders naturally blend into the essential role of
healers whose most important task is to lavish love and heal the many wounded spirits that are
abundant on your sphere.
        Each day, your opportunities are great and loving concern interlaced with compassionate
outreach is the most potent remedy that you can offer.  This will always promote healing and
generate amending properties to those in need of your curative presence.
        Do not ignore the wounds you carry as these hurtful scars are simple to cleanse and purify
during your times of stillness

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 27, 1994 - 1 p.m.                  HEALING
Volcano, Hawaii - #17                                    Page 2

with the Father.  His love is the most encompassing and effective healing agent available to all; and
through you, it will restore any spiritual infirmity.
        Always remain steadfast in your faith and trust in the Father, and His omniscient love will
mend all suffering and conquer any anguish.
        Remember that you are a healing instrument of the Father and you must continually
promote harmonious recovery of those that need your help by opening your inner source of
compassion to manifest this genuine energy of divine love to everyone you touch for Him.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 29, 1994 - 11 a.m.         RISK AND CHALLENGE
Volcano, Hawaii - #18

Cherished companions and loving friends,
        Please accept my gratitude for your desire to open your hearts and minds to the potential of
        You are like explorers of the spirit on a divine quest to discover the great expanse of
cosmic awareness.  Your willingness to accept risk and challenge will determine your learning and
growth as you traverse consciousness in the totality of eternal life.  Risk always involves action and
resoluteness to confront change and this will blossom into wisdom and spiritual accomplishment.
        When we accept challenge, we must expose ourselves to failure and disappointment;
however, if we place ultimate confidence in the Father, our trust in Him will soothe our temporary
unsuccessfulness and sustain our persistence for advancement.
        Risks require courage and incentive, and we can develop these strengths from our time of
stillness with the Master of our wisdom.  Adept awareness will invigorate your receptivity to
challenge and invoke the desire to conquer uncertainties, and divine grace will keep you seeking
your fortuitous destination of His perfection.
        Only you can navigate the chart of your spiritual essence, and you must always challenge
irreverence of truth to achieve superior conductivity in extending His love.

VERONICA - SEPTEMBER 29, 1994 - 4:30 p.m.             NEBADONIA
Volcano, Hawaii - #19

        My love envelops all who reach for truth in my messages of guidance.
        One of the most influencing and nurturing gifts bestowed inherently on all thinking
creatures is the endowment of evolutionary movement toward higher goals through the maternal
affection of the Mother Spirit.
        Her nurturing tenderness predisposes your mind to work with the Father Fragment
indwelling within and nourishes your desire to seek wisdom, truth and knowledge.  Her
sympathetic perception and refined sensitivity of spiritual ministry complements the motivating
aspects of the Spirit of Truth.
        Nebadonia is mother love in the most exalted and ultimate form that encompasses feminine
delicacy and ethereal maternal sustenance in your search for divine ideals.  Her tenderness and
solicitude as the Divine Minister evokes a response of childlike innocence that propels us to seek
spiritual enlightenment and fusion with the divine Presence we treasure within.

VERONICA - OCTOBER 3, 1994 - 8 a.m.                     DISCERNMENT
Volcano, Hawaii - #20

Greetings, dear fellow ascenders!
        As always, my love illuminates all your earnest attempts at comprehension.
        You are entering a progression of crossroads in the Teaching Mission where keen
discernment will be necessary to avoid disguised inaccuracy that can arise from mortal deficiency
in mota awareness.
        Beware of any teachings that may foster separateness between you and your sisters and
brothers.  Discriminate carefully and learn to identify ego-tainted prophecy.
        There are many who are well-intentioned who erroneously conceive their self-development
near completion and focus on contrivances of future events, failing to perceive the significance and
extensiveness of this important component of correction.  Although their desire may be sincere, an
insidious concealed superiority with a genesis in ego may weave itself into false revelation.
        You may observe an inordinate repetition of themes and repeated emphasis of particular
lessons offered by the teachers, and this is necessitated by our evaluation of your progress.
        Realize the covert harm that can originate in exclusivity, for it engenders a separateness and
arrogance that can disintegrate genuine effort in the perpetuation of love.  Do not fail to see

VERONICA - OCTOBER 3, 1994 - 8 a.m.                  DISCERNMENT
Volcano, Hawaii - #20                                    Page 2

the significance of self-mastery, for even beyond your material realm, you will be striving for
        If you could only envision and experience the marvelous harmony of light and life living,
you would grasp the importance of the repetition presented to you.
        The privilege of instruction in no way infers special status, as many are progressing rapidly
without these assistive benefits.  Patience and fortitude coupled with the true essence of humility
will be extremely consequential in acquiring spiritual competency.
        You are still faltering novices in your endeavors of communication with the Father;
therefore, you have yet to experience the divine exhiliration in this sacred connection of
        Continue more in the mode of student; and your teaching abilities will unfold with spirit
experience, and His divine love and the impetus of the Mother Spirit will empower you along a
true path of perfection.

VERONICA - OCTOBER 4, 1994 - 4:30 p.m.                  LISTENING
Volcano, Hawaii - #21

Dearest friends,
        It is always my hope that my words will stimulate loving energy and demonstrate clarity in
all accessible paths of upliftment.
        Your willingness to venture beyond your scope of habit demonstrates your commitment to
make His desire yours.  As you begin to create new ripples of awareness around you, be attentive
to the importance of listening.
        Developed listening occurs on many levels and requires astuteness of perception through
both material and spiritual reception.
        Advanced intuitiveness continually generates expanded harmony which will ultimately
direct you to newer levels of consciousness.
        Effective listening always comes from focus, and your daily practice of stillness will open
your minds to the abundant wisdom perpetually accessible to you from within.  This most precious
and eternal gift has been permanently infused in your being to assist you in comprehending your
divine purpose.
        Continue to nurture this personal endowment of His magnificence, and you will begin to
discern revealed truth from this superb and wondrous source that will flood you with incredible
passion to hear His exquisite invitation to pursue His supreme embrace.

VERONICA - OCTOBER 5, 1994 - 8 a.m.              RESOLVING CONFLICT
Volcano, Hawaii - #22

Dear cherished friends,
        Even your smallest advancements are noted with loving jubilation and heartfelt concern for
your continued progress.  Your diligence and willingness to learn and improve is appreciated
beyond your imagination.
        It is time for you to utilize every opportunity for learning whenever conflict enters your
lives.  It is the most valuable and favorable time to apply the loving concepts and techniques of
awareness familiar to you.
        In your present level of progression, negative responses are habitual remnants of your
former self and are extremely destructive to your future potential.  Even though your newly
acquired methods to resolve conflict may sometimes meet with failure, you must always approach
its resolve with the calm and loving wisdom of enlightenment.
        Always remember to ask for divine guidance in every attempt, and this will develop your
skill and strengthen your intention to do His will in the decisions you apply to each situation.  Your
encounters with discord and confliction are your most propitious periods of opportunity for
progress, and you will eventually learn to recognize their advantageous value.
        As you gain expertise in this area, the opportunity for growth extends to others; and your
role as teacher expands in all your successful outcomes.
        Consistently approach conflict with love, tolerance, and understanding; and you will learn
to transform these unpleasant struggles into jewels of accomplishment that will illuminate the
horizon of the brilliant dawn of light and life.
VERONICA - OCTOBER 6, 1994 - 9:45 a.m.               THANKFULNESS
Volcano, Hawaii - #23

Loving students and interested friends,
        Each day we have the wonderful opportunity to recognize the wondrous gifts of life
conferred on us by our merciful and infinitely generous Father.  We readily and anxiously grasp
the abundance of His blessings and benevolence but all too often remain unmindful of their divine
        Practice your expressions of deep appreciation and learn to generate tender gratitude
continually, for all your abilities originate in the divine compassion of the First Source and Center.
        Take time every day to acknowledge the bountiful endowments you unceasingly receive,
and share your expressions of appreciation with the extensive personal sources of His blessings.
        Realize the treasures you possess in your immersion in the sublime splendor of His
creation, and be ever thankful for the unlimited flow of His love that reaches you through the
many instruments of His omniscient richness.
        Take time daily to enlarge the state of gratefulness in your heart and fuse this profound
appreciation with the love you convey to others.
        Arouse your deepest expressions of joyous gratitude with the realization and
comprehension of the exquisite eternal future you behold and the timeless experience of
exhilarating passage towards your blissful encounter with your Creator.

VERONICA - OCTOBER 8, 1994 - 4 p.m.                          FAITH
Bellow's Beach, Oahu - #24

Dear children of Urantia,
        Our blessed aspiration is for your individual upliftment through divine conceptual
        Your faith will confront continual challenge throughout your mortal experience and the
foundation you construct will determine your vulnerability.
        Learn to touch the supreme core of divinity within and cherish the acquiescence of
intimacy you develop in your time of quiet devotion.
        Your invincible trust in Him will expand the solid framework of faith that is under
construction in the being of your ever-developing spirit.  His will is eternally desirous of your
perfection, and the strength of your faith will perpetually accelerate the attunement of harmony
toward His divine purpose for you.
        Enter every encounter with love and tender compassion, and the supreme intensification of
divine trust will naturally unfold into the impermeable truth that will compose indestructable faith.
        The Father lovingly anticipates your nearness to Him, the Divine Minister continually
extends Her illuminating outreach of gentle direction, and the many affectionate spirits that
accompany you have faith in your continued awareness to perfect your expanded magnetism
toward ultimate fusion with His exquisite brilliance.

VERONICA - OCTOBER 10, 1994 - 3:30 p.m.                     HUMOR
Bird Park, H.V.N.P, Hawaii - #25

Dear cosmic playmates and loving apprentices of universal change,
        Our bridges of connectedness engender tremendous joy for all the teachers involved in the
actualization effort of the correction event.
        Recognize the invaluable importance of humor in your lives.  Learn to expand lightness
and conviviality as natural expressions of your evolving spirit.  Joviality and playful enjoyment are
universally expressed by spirits of all levels of attainment and changes in origination as you reach
higher stages of ascension.
        As you already recognize, some humor on Urantia, although not all, has its genesis in fear.
Its evolution coincides with circle progression, and the expansion of the capacity for love.  In light
and life living, humor closely resembles harmony.  Evolved humor progresses from unlightened
and malicious rejoicing over mishaps of others that reinforces separateness, towards a lightness and
pleasurable amusement of loving joy in the varied ways we overcome imperfections.
        As your concept of humor advances, you will begin to identify the power of humor in
transformation and how it reflects genuine empathy with the comic effervescence of loving mirth.
        Humor engenders tolerance and is a bonding agent of connection between ascending
beings.  It can disarm anger and be used during adversity to immobilize fear and often clears
channels for alternative enlightened solutions.

VERONICA - OCTOBER 10, 1994 - 3:30 p.m.                  HUMOR
Bird Park, H.V.N.P., Hawaii - #25                        Page 2

        Imperfection conceives levity because it illustrates fundamental absurdities in human
behavior or nature.  It begets a necessary turn from seriousness that eases the learning process,
increasing good fellowship awareness, and crosses all barriers of separateness.
        Eliminate ridicule and derision from all your humor, and you will begin to discern the
divine cohesion of humor, harmony, and cheerfulness, that will intensify your enjoyment of all the
Father's gifts.
        Spiritual laughter and comprehension of humor is uplifting because it is always
accompanied by love.
        We appreciate all the humor you have provided us when we envelop you in vibrations of
loving concern in your faltering but amusing spontaneous steps in your progression.
        We look forward to your unfoldment of mota perception so that we may reciprocate loving
and playful humor in your lives that will precipitate our combined celebration of the supreme and
divine plan that the Father enjoys by our experience.

VERONICA - OCTOBER 11, 1994 - 8:30 a.m.              SHARING LOVE
Volcano, Hawaii - #26

Beloved escorts of illumination,
        The positive energy you have extended in the hopeful vitality of enlightened transformation
has already begun to impact your planet.
        The time is ripe to take advantage of all favorable oppor-tunities to maintain the
momentum currently in progress.  Your loving interaction with others is restoring the wholesome
vigor and velocity of divine collective concepts needed to transform the iniquity and suffering that
is widespread on your struggling sphere of transition.
        Gradually increase your contact with people and use creativity in your ability to touch the
light in others with the warm attachment of His divine love.
        Aggressive proselytism repels receptivity; therefore, always advance in gentleness and
affectionate direction and divine guidance will pilot your loving encounters.
        Your attitude will create positive influence that will endure, and you will intuitively be
guided to initiate fertile expansion of luminous vibrations.
        Never underestimate the necessity of your responsibility on the divine team of universal
love.  Draw strength and persistence from your power within and always know the presence of
your unseen supporters continually promote your success.
        Continue as steadfast travelers on the righteous avenue of betterment of planetary
improvement, and His light of love will triumph in the hearts of all His cherished children of divine

VERONICA - OCTOBER 12, 1994 - 10:00 p.m.      PROGRESS ON URANTIA
Volcano, Hawaii - #27

NOTE:   FIRST VERBAL TRANSMISSION during meeting with Arlene, Jonathan, Kimo,
Pati, Paul, Rick, Sonny, Woody, and later - Betsi; tape recording not clear, reading
verified through written transmission on 10/13 at 1 a.m.

Endeared proteges of revelatory inspiration - This is Veronica -
        The Spirit of Truth is undergoing unprecedented expansion on your earthly domicile of our
beloved Christ Michael.
        The sluggish progress of recent milleniums is now past and quickened rapidity is overtaking
earlier momentum.
        Universal broadcasts heard throughout Nebadon have revealed indicators of transition on
Urantia inclusive of compromise of opposition, increased spiritual transformation, and
convergence of scientific and theological concept.
        Your perception of these indicators is vague and blurry, and you will not recognize their
impact until near their completion.
        Continue to be a devoted servant of our loving Father and eager follower of Michael, and
you will propel His supreme purpose into divine actualization in your sphere of influence.
        Thank you for your openness and loving gratitude.
        Good evening.

VERONICA - OCTOBER 14, 1994 - 10:30 a.m.         PAIN AND SUFFERING
Volcano, Hawaii - #28

Loving artisans of enlightenment,
        Your spiritual effort continues to manifest intonations of enlarged hope in the ethereal
symphony of transformation.
        You are the sentient servants of deliverance and loyal laborers of our Father's magnificent
        Your comprehension of the pain and affliction that is pandemic on your isolated sphere will
empower your determination to live His will with unwaivering perseverence.
        Suffering never originates in divinity.
        The widespread misery that has been perpetuated on your planet has its source in mortal
deviation from the magnanimous path of divine truth.  Iniquitous preference creates anquish and
despair on individual and multitudinal levels, therefore, its extension often touches innocence.
        Learn that by living love and endeavoring to do His will you are illuminating the inner
darkness of ignorance that is engen-dering suffering on your world.
        Loving trust and faith in the Father is a powerful comfort to personal pain.  Personal
suffering potentially engenders empathy towards others that will provide you with a regenerating
source of compassion.
        Reach out to those in need, and you also will receive divine comfort.  Be an instrument of
diffusion for the Spirit of Truth, and you will be a conduit of upliftment that will diminish anguish
through the transforming love of our glorious Majesty of Paradise.

VERONICA - OCTOBER 17, 1994 - 10 a.m.                  SERVICE
Volcano, Hawaii - #29

Fervent couriers of loving revelation,
        Your deepening intimacy with your divine origin is facilitating enormous expansion of
universal harmony.
        Always be attentive to increasing your opportunities for service to your brethren ascenders.
Be ever at the Father's disposal to anticipate the needs of others and be productive suppliers of the
swelling demand for love.
        Develop selfless sensitivity in the recognition of need so that you can become eradicators of
the lingering residue of spiritual destitution.
        Sincere service manifests in infinite variety, and your intuitive compass of compassion will
direct you toward those in need.
        Continue to be ministers of divine comfort and loving assistance, and you will be the
catalysts of accomplishment for His resplendent plan.
        Combine humility with tolerance, love with understanding, and sincerity with intention; and
you will grow into total devotion to the Father, making His will indistinguishable from yours.
        Your willingness to serve others is an eloquent demonstration of loyalty to our omniscient
Architect of All Creation, and the powerful gravity of divine irresistible love will impel your destiny
of ultimate coalescence with His sublime perfection.

Volcano, Hawaii - #30

Loving friends and adventurous advocates of actualization,
        Your proximity to the verge of growth is always near, and your most imposing
encumbrance is mediocrity.
        Mediocrity springs from the contrived trepidation of change and stifles advancement of
both intellectual and spiritual growth.  This inherent vestige of early evolution has deferred
significant progression throughout the history of your unique sphere.  The destructive sophistry of
rebellion of your unfortunate past has perpetuated the long, dark age of ignorance from which you
are victoriously emerging.
        Vanquish mediocrity from your natural tendencies, and you will be astonished at the
consequential growth that will become apparent to you.  Mediocre inclinations create uninspiring
uncertainties that make you a weak servant of the Father and incapacitate your discernment of the
Father's will.
        Those of you who have acquired the certainty of eternity err tremendously when you
consciously postpone ascertainment of known spiritual skills until your morontial transformation.
Allow your profound intellectual dedication to the Father equal that of your spiritual devotion; for
when there is dual balance, you will become a capable implement of His divine expression.  Your
personal progress will influence the advancement of ideation on your struggling planet, and
mediocrity translates into unwillingness to proceed toward spirit illumination.
        Demonstrate the intensity of your love for the omnipotent Patriarch of your divine purpose;
and exalt the Spirit of Truth in

Volcano, Hawaii - #30                                       Page 2

all your virtuous efforts, and the solid groundwork will be laid for the approaching epoch of
enlightenment that will amplify a celestial chorus of elated joy throughout His vast creation.

VERONICA - OCTOBER 19, 1994 - 9 a.m.                  PATIENCE
Volcano, Hawaii - #31

Precious vigilants of divine truth,
        Your heightened spiritual awareness is reflecting elevated consciousness on the terrestrial
primitivism of disillusionment.
        The Teaching Mission may be construed as a qualitative pivot that will turn the trend of
iniquity towards the assimilation of enlightenment.  It is an auspicious turning point of
ation that will redefine the harmonious choreography of the dance of life.
        It is natural to envision premature fulfillment when excited enthusiasm pervades your
        Temper your anticipation with the cognizant wisdom that although transformation is
imminent, the enormity of this delicate task will require time and patience.
        Your responsibility lies primarily in introspective learning and illustrative practice of
spiritual techniques of example.  Diligent concentration on the comprehension of the messages of
truth presented to you will enable you to recognize opportune methods of application.
        Slow down.  Practice serenity and process the jewels of truth that are now at your disposal.
        Your bewilderment is often perceived by the teachers, and your unrestrained excitement is
admirable.  Understand that recidivism

VERONICA - OCTOBER 19, 1994 - 9 a.m.                      PATIENCE
Volcano, Hawaii - #31                                       Page 2

always accompanies change, so be gentle with yourself and others when this transpires.
        The Teaching Mission is primarily a learning mission, and the natural unfoldment of
spiritual knowledge is its loving disclosure to others.  Know that this will occur in a soft evangelism
of comradery as His truth assumes ubiquity in your earthly domain.
        Continue to perpetuate personal peace through your cherished intimation with the Father
and enlarged visibility of spirit essence will begin to reveal the captivating spectrum of enlighten-
ment and the radiant corona of His infinite love.

Volcano, Hawaii - #32


Volcano, Hawaii - #33

NOTE:   SECOND VERBAL TRANSMISSION during TR meeting with Arlene, Kimo,
Pati, Paul, Michael, Woody, (and later Betsi)

Devoted practitioners of love,
        This is Veronica.
        You have not been abandoned, just redirected toward the integration of truth and
        The teachers have given prolific instruction, and they anticipate your experiential gain.  Our
instruction directs you inward; however, you must reach outward with wisdom and insight.
        Open the tabernacle of divinity within your heart, and let its light shine through every
window of opportunity.
        Learn to penetrate hope with the validation of truth by the manifestation of love.  Mold
your skill into accomplishment and continue your energy of demonstrative endeavors and
        We appreciate your recognition and receptivity, and always know that we cherish all of
        Thank you.  Good evening.

VERONICA - NOVEMBER 7, 1994 - 3 p.m.               DISCOURAGEMENT
Volcano, Hawaii - #34

Conscientious messengers of eternal hope,
        Realize the blessings and special guidance you all enjoy, and recognize the Father's
generous benevolence in your individual lives.
        Discouragement often has its roots in self-absorption, so beware of its blinding
characteristics because its deceptive disguise can lead you away from the Father.
        Divine truth is not subjective, and yielding to self-created hurt and imagined impediments
can hinder your ability to recognize His will.
        Remember that you are eternally striving for perfection and transitory setbacks are
inevitable.  The Father's love has never failed to heal the spirit of his treasured children, yet your
regression to immaturity engenders resistance to the loving comfort you carry within.
        What a beautiful, wise, and gentle source of consolation lies submerged in your being ever
ready to emerge and soothe your troubled concerns.  Learn to unlock this eloquent source of
solace whenever you need to refresh the comprehension of your purpose and the encouragement
of your practice of His presence.
        Become a willing channel of divine light and realize the message of Michael must be lived
rather than preached.
        Always retain the effervescence of expectancy in the elated joy of consciousness of the
Father, and you will continue to be swept into the powerful current of His infinite love.

VERONICA - NOVEMBER 8, 1994 - 3 p.m.               COMMUNICATION
Volcano, Hawaii - #35

Spiritual sculptors of cosmic destiny,
        Your conscious eagerness to absorb divine guidance has been perceived with loving regard.
Continue your diligence in attentiveness, and your fraternal vista will reveal itself in a prism of
        Be aware that loving communication is the cornerstone of all positive change and can
assume many forms.  Genuine communion with your sisters and brothers acquires relevancy of
expression through service and action, yet your demeanor is the essential key of interchange in all
        Your communication of love will penetrate the potential of others and impart insight, reveal
hope, and disclose the authentic energy of divine reality.
        Always remember that you are a living circuit of continual projection, and your pursuit of
spiritual grace will ensure that emissions of devout wisdom, concurrent with the Father's will, will
be perceived by others.
        Commune with sincerity and you will radiate tender arrows of awareness that will pierce
the gentle targets of significance that will engender enlightenment.  Be zealous communicators of
divine truth, and this will eventualize a harmonious coexistence of enormous wonder that will
enable others to recognize their superlative eternal career toward our communal rapture of divinity.

Volcano, Hawaii - #36                             RECEPTIVITY

Gracious challengers of indifference,
        Your sincere yearning to traverse eternity in your supernal quest has endowed your
direction with assured accuracy toward the Father; however, the natural turbulence of mortal
existence can offset your determined course.
        Recognize the value of openness and its importance to your progression.  Willing
cooperation is a manifestative component of love and will determine the joint action of
communication with the privileged divine wisdom enshrined within you.
        Your neglect of this precious interaction is a contradiction of the cherished regard you hold
for the resplendent guide in your being.  When you begin to acknowledge the actuality of
magnificence of this extraordinary gift, you will never again neglect this wondrous source of
actualization; and you will expand your accessibility and receptiveness to the resource you have
long ignored.
        Deliberately strive to achieve an open and receiving channel, and continue to widen the
aperture of familiarity with the Divine Monitor of your spirit.  Your practice of stillness must be
approached with depth and realization so that effective receptivity can occur.
        Prolific theorization hinders your expansion and becomes a habit of resistance; therefore,
learn to focus on the identity of your magnificent and wise Companion.  Know that throughout
your moving odyssey of enlightenment, your openness and cooperation will enable the treasured
Sage of your heart toward mutual interaction in your eternal gravitation to luxuriate in the totality
of the Father's presence.
VERONICA - NOVEMBER 16, 1994 - 11 a.m.                  AWARENESS
Volcano, Hawaii - #37

Tender guardians of divine fellowship,
        Your valid expressions of soul consciousness will crystallize into inner tranquility and will
be the activating power of continued alertness on your chosen path.
        Always focus on a feeling of kinship with everyone you meet, and you will develop the
modesty of spirit and nobility of mind that will engender a sensitive awareness of the essence of
        Utilize the method of perpetual mindfulness as your centric strategy of spiritual truth, and
this unfailingly will perpetuate the peaceful disposition of calmness that will enable your vision of
universal brotherhood.
        Continue to strive for tranquil composure, and this will open the doorway of serene
attentiveness that will generate kindness and compassion.
        Supply the blessed hearth in your being with the eternal kindling of the Father's presence,
and its warmth will radiate continually with the glowing embers of compassionate love.
        Recognize the disturbances that stir the waters of your placid lake of reflection so that you
can restore the glassy tranquility to the shores of your thoughts.  The genuine peace that you glean
from your private moments with the Sublime Guide within you will provide you with a
consciousness that will eventually unfold into the acute perception of cosmic awareness that will
keep you in the "present" of His reality.

VERONICA - NOVEMBER 21, 1994                               PRAYER
Volcano, Hawaii - #38

Cherished receivers of divine love,
        The gentle and affectionate messages imparted to you are always intended to cultivate the
reflective insight of dynamic perception.  The design of their significance is to triumphantly freshen
the atmosphere of your soul by encouraging you to nourish your mind with the truth of the Father
and become sensitive to feeling the love of the Father so that you can devote your will to Him.
        The greatest importance of all the direction and guidance you have received is to perfect
your ability of effective personal prayer and reverential worship.  Understand that your effort
toward effortless receptivity stirs His will within you when yours is at rest.  It is the act of loving
the Father with as much intensity as can be brought into your consciousness that will enable you
with great resolution to persevere with a strength of practice in virtue.
        Never separate prayer from your practice of stillness, as genuine prayer is an attitude to call
upon the light within you to lift your thoughts toward ultimate communion with Him.
        Make all your prayer flourish in your mind rather than in well-intentioned utterances,
because patterned words can lead to loss of power and dissipate the resilient sense of His presence
that you seek.
        Think of prayer as interior silence that will irrigate your spirit with the purified waters of
intimacy and serenity.
        Prayerful contemplation will develop a loving and peaceful attendance with Him that will
unleash unused abilities of the

VERONICA - NOVEMBER 21, 1994                             PRAYER
Volcano, Hawaii - #38                                    Page 2

spirit that will naturally evolve into reverential worship and venerated adoration.
        If you approach your special contemplation with a sense of duty or obligation, it
relinquishes its sincerity, so firmly root your intentions in the Father.
        Follow the living teachings of perfection of our beloved Creator Son in his exceptional
communion with the Father as he sojourned through the trials of mortal existence and absorb the
beauty and simplicity of His example, and the growth of your spirit will touch the beatific union of
ultimacy you both desire.

VERONICA - November 28, 1994 - 11:30 a.m.                SIMPLICITY
Volcano, Hawaii - #39

Sincere custodians of eternal purpose,
        The selfless tenderness you assume while traversing your chosen path will be the animating
principle of your spiritual advancement.
        Always strive for simplicity to be the serene rudder of your sturdy vessel of transport to
actualization.  Material encumbrances decrease your comprehension of divine direction and
camouflage your loving goal of the Father's presence.  Enhance simplicity in your lives by resisting
the addiction of possession and experience the freedom from complexity that will be fueled by the
Father's love.
        Let the gentle breeze of contentment envelop you and sense the wondrous value of His
promise of eternity--the Father's sublime gift to you.
        Excessiveness engenders indifference and deflects the quality of your awareness of the
significance of guided experience.  Redirect your emphasis from having to doing, and establish a
deep connection with the divine intimate partner of your soul; and your cluttered distractions will
fade from your focus.
        Emerge your spirit in the cosmic saturation of His infinity, and become the embodiment of
divine love that continually exalts the purity of His truth.

VERONICA - November 30, 1994 - 9:30 a.m.               PERSEVERENCE
Volcano, Hawaii - #40

Radiant reflectors of fraternal compassion,
        Expansive enlightenment will evolve from your dynamic devotion of trusting commitment.
        This is just the beginning of your eternal expedition to the lofty summit of divine
consciousness, and you must learn to condition your spiritual endurance with the energizing reality
of tolerance and understanding.  Your ultimate destination can only be reached with the
perseverence of insightful perception.
        Be aware that the dazzling peaks of your superlative destiny will often be cloaked in the
tempestuous clouds of imperfection; yet, throughout your rugged ascent, the powerful gales of
awareness will dissipate the mists of uncertainty.
        The Father's love will solidify the steadiness of all your footholds to ascend above every
steep precipice of discouragement.
Enjoy the resplendent vistas of awareness as your visibility sharpens throughout your craggy climb
toward self-realization.  He will safely guide you across the wide crevasses of vacuous
disillusionment and lift you upwards into the vivid altitude of sublime grace.
        Continue to persevere by overcoming the complacent ridges of obstruction, and your
accomplishments will perpetually raise you higher towards the glorious pinnacle of His

VERONICA - December 1, 1994 - 11 a.m.                   WILL
Volcano, Hawaii - #41

Dearest friends,
        All the lessons you have received are conveyed to you to assist you to help you in
developing a deep and intimate relationship with the First Source and Center.
        Although your attempts are very sincere and are certainly progressing, you are
encountering difficulty because you are focusing on fragmentation.
        All messages from the teachers are but threads that can be weaved into an exquisite fabric
of truth.  My guidance will not enjoy the unfoldment of beauty within your hearts until you decide
to develop the sweetness of your divine partnership that is the Father's will.
        The emphasis on your evolving intimacy with the Father is the only way your spirit can
unfold, and this alone will be the power of your transformation.  Until you can feel this living
presence within you, the actual reality of divinity, you will be excluding this exquisite source of
your being.
        Every failed attempt at feeling the presence of the Father is merely your lower will resisting
Him; it is the self-generated power of your will succeeding in overcoming the will of the Father.
Your inability to feel His love is again your will refusing to surrender.
        Your repeated denial of your worth is not true humility but a denial of your sonship and
daughtership with the Father.  If you

VERONICA - DECEMBER 1, 1994                                WILL
Volcano, Hawaii - #41                                     Page 2

deny your worthiness to feel His parental love, you close yourself to His benevolence.
        Examine your every moment of denial, and you will realize that your will is the key that
can lock as well as unlock the door to the infinite love He continually radiates your way.
        Do not delay this relationship, for if you await the perfect moment, the decision will never
be made.  The Father has waited long and patiently, so let this be the moment of your release and
feel the Father in you--and you in the Father.
        Your spirit is ageless, and the most important time in the journey of your soul is now.
        If you are alone, use this moment to be aware of your nearness to Him; and if you are with
others, join hands in silence and help each other in feeling the beautiful love He is now sharing
with all.  Dwell on the awareness that His unconditional love is now entering your soul now that
you have allowed Him in.

VERONICA - December 12, 1994 - 9:15 a.m.             CELEBRATION
Volcano, Hawaii - #42

Joyous celebrants of Michael's message,

        At this correlative cycle of remembrance on Urantia, the Spirit of Truth is aroused and
enlivened in unification.  Your opportunity to manifest the divine direction of truth is intrinsic
when collective receptivity of your sisters and brothers prevails in this commemorative gala of
        Refocus this jubilation into the harmonious renewal of love and capture the everlasting
essence of the sublime example of Christ Michael as you celebrate the anniversary of His bestowal.
        Synchronicity has the explicit potential to amplify the resilience of the powerful luster of
the gentility of love, so that the festive aurora of illumination will capture the truth and beauty of
the Supreme Soul.  Embellish the noble substance of His bequeathal into a crescendo of vibrancy
that will encircle your sphere with the simultaneous vibration of unity of eternal purpose so that
His loving message will enlarge beyond your momentary observance of His arrival.
        Actualize the richness of the supreme gift of His bestowal and rejoice in the certainty of the
eternal unfoldment of enlightenment in the joyous expansion of the brilliant light of His love.

VERONICA - December 14, 1994 - 11:30 p.m.
Volcano, Hawaii - #43

NOTE:  Third verbal transmission - Arlene & Paul


Precious friends,
        This is Veronica.
        The bi-millenial observance of Christ Michael's bestowal is frought with encumbrances that
can cloud his message of hope.  Yet, the permanent quality of the essence of truth cannot be
        You are the keepers of his light that will pass the torch of verity to others that will create
traditions of fraternal love and allegiance to truth.
        Adorn your evergreen of countenance with the delicate ornaments of compassion and
understanding.  Encircle your intentions with the lovely wreath of tolerance and discernment.
Light the fragrant candles of mercy with the flame of forgiveness.  Join the chorus of praise and
adoration for the Source of your existence.  Enjoy the Pentecostal gift by seeking the festive
holiday lights in the hearts of one another.  Make your promises of renewal and resolutions to
strive for a deeper intimacy with the Divine Monitor that is nestled in the manger of your soul, and
nurture this partnership.
        The gifts of truth, beauty, and goodness will sustain you with divine providence and refresh
your desire to give the most treasured gift of all--your entire will to the Father on this
remembrance of the bestowal of his Creator Son.  May His presence fill you with sublime peace
and love for your sisters and brothers.
        I give you the gift of my guidance and love.  Thank you for the many opportunities to
share these gifts with you.
        Good evening.

VERONICA - December 19, 1994 - 11:45 a.m.            GLOBAL HARMONY
Volcano, Hawaii - #44

Gentle designers of self-transformation,
        The universal desire for global peace is frequently expressed without consideration for the
true means of its achievement.
        For mutual harmony to become a natural state of the planet, inner peace must be
consummated in the minds and hearts of all its mortal inhabitants.  Unity must triumph over the
many obstacles that engender separateness.
        Cultivate the tranquility of your spirit by eliminating hostility with the principle focus of
tolerance, forgiveness, and understanding.
        Your intimacy with the spark of divinity within your spirit will allow you to grow in grace
and will reflect the irridescent luminosity of composure that will radiate outward in the tender
manifestation of love.
        Self-transcendence is the critical goal that will pave the path of pacifism that will germinate
the seeds of light that will grow into lasting peace on your troubled sphere.  This perceptible reality
will expand from every heart and dance like the brilliance of diamonds on the immense ocean of
supreme consciousness.  The flawless jewel of perfection encased in your soul will sparkle with
divine aspiration as you emulate the Prince of Peace and the eloquence of His example.
        Always remember that the first step toward light and life must begin with the release of the
delicate butterfly of freedom you hold within you so that it will flutter gracefully into the warm
winds of transcendence in its eternal migration on the route of the Father's perfection.

VERONICA - December 20, 1994 - 8:45 p.m.                LIGHTEN UP
Volcano, Hawaii - #45

Verbal transmission:  Arlene, Kimo, Pati, Paul, Sonny, Woody

Loving cultivators of joy - this is Veronica,
        Think of every moment as a new beginning and integrate the element of lightness in every
aspect of your life.  Focus your lens of creativity and maintain the inner calm that will direct you
toward divine imagination.  You are the creators of your thoughts, beliefs and choices so
remember to create them from a center of love.
        Many mortals create resolutions at this annual cycle of time, but they erroneously resolve in
deprivation, self-castigation, and rigidity.
        Create your visions of renewal with joy, happiness, growth, kindness, harmony, and
infinite possibilities.  Renew your childhood with the loving Father Fragment that lives in your
heart, and your spirit will blossom with delight and enthusiasm as you create new ways of
expressing His love.
        Attune your imaginative abilities with inner peace and this will inspire you with divine
beauty and hope.
        Although this message is not new, it is my hope that you will grow in joyful wonder and
spirit light as you realize your eternal purpose.
        Thank you for this loving access to your hearts and minds.
        Good evening and Merry Christmas.

VERONICA - December 27, 1994 - 4:20 p.m.      HARMONY IN THE NOW
Volcano, Hawaii - #46

Peaceful yearners of universal harmony,
        Integrate the multiple hues of truth you have received by mixing the elements of love, as
their melding enhances every combination.  Coordinate the fragments you comprehend into an
integral blend as you begin to see their collective dimensions.                 The depth of your
intimacy with the spiritual core of your being will unfold as the delicate petals of mercy,
forgiveness, tolerance and understanding--revealing the sublime center as the gentle cohesiveness
of the Father's love that blossoms as the radiant flower of enlightenment.  You will begin to
visualize how one evolves into the other; therefore, learn to live the embodiment of their unity.
        Discern how vital and valuable it is to eliminate your vestiges of separateness by continually
joining together the elements of love that will ripen into harmony in the now of all your moments.
        Just as your sentient components complement each other, their magnification of
enhancement occurs when they flourish in unison.  As you perfect the commingling of their
essence, you will recognize the freshness of spiritual beauty in this harmonious unification.  Those
of you who have tasted the sweetness of His abundant affection will comprehend the compelling
desire to share His love as you feel your connection to one another.  As you deepen your

VERONICA - DECEMBER 27, 1994                    HARMONY IN THE NOW
Volcano, Hawaii - #46                                       Page 2

partnership and friendship with the abundant and infinite resource you carry within, your desire to
love will overflow in circumstance and penetrate former barriers.
        You are so loved, continually and unconditionally, so aspire to the ascertainment of mota
and you will be guided with the perfection of wisdom that the Father Fragment perpetually directs
you toward in the consciousness of divine reality.

VERONICA - DECEMBER 29, 1994                             TOLERANCE
Volcano, Hawaii - #47

Affectionate directors of loving effusion,
        Your planet is poised on the fulcrum of tremendous change; however, free will determines
the direction of its potential.  Division must be replaced by unity for only together will planetary
evolution actualize the supernal and resplendent purpose of the Supreme.
        Toleration is a rudimentary step in the unfoldment of love; therefore, perfect this noble
quality of mortality.  Genuine tolerance always precedes the ability to love and originates in each
heart until it becomes a natural essence that will evolve into social value.
        If you truly endeavor to recognize the divinity in one another, you will realize the triviality
of externality.  The beautiful bond of kinship will actualize the reality of universal brotherhood,
and you will deeply desire the spiritual growth of all your earthly siblings through love.  Criticism,
derision, and violence are born in fear, yet your sincere realization of your divine eternity will set
you free and enable you to cherish one another whenever His will reigns unencumbered in your
        The genesis of light and life on every planet has its causality in the intelligent
comprehension of divinity and the enduring vitality of love.  The brilliant beacons of exalted ideals
will one day illuminate your shadowy sphere with the exquisite radiance of enlightened
transformation that will shine brightly in the completeness of His love.

VERONICA - JANUARY 4, 1995 - 8:30 p.m.             TRUTH AND LOVE
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 48

Verbal transmission - Allen, Arlene, Kimo, Paul

Caring illustrators of spirit reflection,
        The development of divine consciousness and the comprehension of truth are very
personal experiences and are non-demonstrable.  Their clarity can only be achieved through
individual intimacy within the soul; however, the illustration of love is a powerful catalyst of
        Supreme truth can be found throughout the universe of creation and originates in the
perfect love of the First Source and Center; therefore, only through love will sincere seekers find
the sublime reality of their ultimate search.
        The infinite variety of pathways progress from mortal complexity to supernal simplicity;
therefore, always respect the diverse paths of the journey of others.  Everyone is perfecting their
divine connection through unique patterns in very individual and personal ways.
        Continue on your personal path of spiritual unfoldment and always remember the
perfection of love will surpass time and space in our cosmic destiny of eternity in our infinitely
beautiful home on the Isle of Light.
        Thank you for lifting your spirits in the vibrations of truth and love.
        Good evening.

VERONICA - JANUARY 5, 1995 - 10:30 a.m.              BE HERE NOW
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 49

Vibrant visionaries of exalted promise,
        Reflect on the phenomenal perfection of supreme creation and your exceptional
opportunities as mortals in your grand adventure of ascension.
        Often our focus is so singular that we overlook the joy and abundance of our immersion in
the grandeur of our extraordinary surroundings.  Take time to ponder and explore the sweetness of
divine Providence as you speculate on the exquisite design of His eloquence that permeates all
        Consider the divine presence within you and throughout infinity, and you will be aroused in
exuberant wonder and elation in the richness of the expression of divine perfection.  Contemplate
the joy that is meant for your fulfillment, and live fully and completely in each moment of
        Cherish the heightened awareness of unborn possibilities and limitless experience that
enlivens your consciousness of truth and floods your spirit with the magnified acquiescence of
peace that will search for expression through divine love.
        Realize your treasure in divine grace through expansion of your intimacy with the
superlative Source of your origin, and you will begin to savor your celebration of completeness in
your total absorption in the eloquence of His abundance.

Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 50

Intrepid partisans of divine perception,
        Your beliefs create your experience, so learn to release those which create boundaries
within your soul.  You can influence all life experiences through conscious choice, and this will
lead you to the edge of expanded awareness.
        Balance is the process of integrating awareness that will enable you to relinquish
limitations.  Consciousness illuminates the pauses in your indecision so that truth achieves brilliant
clarity in your divine perception.  Root all your experiences in compassion and love, and you will
begin to recognize the pristine horizon of supreme oneness and your ultimate connectedness with
your personal and perfect Fragment of the Father.
        Self-transformation is creativity where you begin to mold spiritual essence in your slow and
beautiful evolvement towards the Father's perfection.  Feel your closeness to the First Source and
Center, and you will begin to hear the silent whisper of your Divine Monitor in the preciousness of
inner peace.  Enter each experience with heightened awareness, and you will become artists of the
beauty of love who reflect unity in the delicate strokes of self-realization that perfect consciousness
in the seed of eternity through the supernal mirror of His resplendent existence.

VERONICA - JANUARY 20, 1995 - 10:30 a.m.                  FEELINGS
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 51

Sensitive translators of spiritual expansion,
        Realize the interconnectedness of perpetual change for it is the true essence of your eternal
purpose in your unfolding discovery of the completeness of the Father's love.
        Comprehend the importance of the sentient and spiritual endowment of feelings that enable
you to touch the wonder of the Supreme and lift your consciousness to discern truth.  Feelings
allow you to perceive awareness of personal evolution and engender the ability of temporary
suspension in the comtemplation of experience.  Awareness that you touch in perception compels
transformation if you align your will with divinity.
        The delicate kaleidoscope of mortal emotion is a highly sensitive instrument that interprets
your direction toward perfection.  When you become an active participant in the evolvement of the
Supreme, you will discern deeper intuitiveness and treasure the layers of divine expression.  You
will begin to respond in perception with sensations that lead you toward the higher ideals of truth.
        When the turbulent waves in the ocean of your sentiment recede from divinity, you
perceive the heaviness of intensity through feelings of sadness, despair, hurt, anger and resentment.
        If you feel the presence of the Father and harmonize your intention with His tenderness,
your emotions centralize in the lightness of joy, wonder and penetrating peace that empowers you
to embrace continual change.
        Learn to utilize your ability to touch truth in the treasured gift of emotion, and you will ride
on the radiant beams of enlightenment as you become enveloped in the nourishing luster of His
perfect love.
VERONICA - JANUARY 23, 1995 - 11:20 a.m.          SPIRITUAL POWER
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 52

Noetic aspirants of divine values,
        The embryonic juncture of collective transformation is often the most difficult season of
transition because it demands courage, open-mindedness, and a genuine desire for change.
Collective upliftment can only succeed individual comprehension of truth.
        Be sensitive to the ubiquitous distortion of purpose in the present period of your planet and
recognize the divergences that eclipse the authenticity of reality.
        Understand that the true meaning of power is founded in the purity of love--a true desire to
assist others in communal service to the Supreme.  Genuine power is always loving, cooperative
and benevolent, and not controlling, superior or dominating.  It is the ultimate reflection of
conscious brotherhood and fraternal compassion intercoupled with wisdom and expertise in the
unity of upliftment toward perfection.  Power is non-competitive divine energy that enables spirit
evolution and is ever in alignment with the beauty and eloquence of divine will.  It is always
ministerial and nurtural and can be spiritually visualized as the afterglow of love.
        You are called upon to develop a sterling power of spirit that is implanted in the eternal
plenitude of love that perpetually radiates from the Ultimate Source.  Your deepened faith and
trust in the Father will gently guide you beyond the surface of aspiration, and you will become a
brilliant point of light in the celestial chandelier of illumination that is fueled by the spiritual power
of omnipotent love.

VERONICA - JANUARY 25, 1995 - 9:00 p.m.                 INQUIRY
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 53

Verbal Transmission with Allen, Arlene, Kimo, Pati, Paul, Sonny, and Woody in attendance.
Prior to a group meditation and the transmission of the following message, the question was raised
in discussion as to whether we should initiate a question and answer format to the Veronica T/R
sessions.  It was noted by Paul that a direct response to his question for the repetition of the
salutation to the 1/4/95 transmission was given at the end of the lesson when it was explained that
he did not catch the complete salutation.

Evolving spirits of endless time - this is Veronica.
        These conveyances are designed to develop spacious thinking to accommodate an
intelligent comprehension of divinity.  Their design is specifically contemplative to transform
personal divine philosphy into animated initiative.
        At this time, any inquiry would engender digression of focus and be circuitous in its nature.
This unique method of instruction is experimental and is being closely evaluated for effectiveness.
All other genuine revelatory guidance also gives validity to arouse the Spirit of Truth so that
personal discretion will reverberate the fragile chimes of certitude and the beautiful tones of verity.
        Know that you are boundlessly loved and let this be an inspiration to continually deepen
your intimacy with the Source of your sweet desire for the divine.
        My tender commitment to you is completely intended in love to escort you in the
cultivation of consciousness toward our beloved destiny.  My gratitude and appreciation are
immense for your diligent efforts in seeking truth.
        Thank you for this opportunity to share my love and guidance.
        Good evening.

VERONICA - JANUARY 27, 1995 - 9:15 a.m.        SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 54

Contemplative ushers of benevolent synergy,
        Your increased understanding of hierarchal purpose in spiritual ascendency is essential to
your comprehension of fraternal harmony.
        Common interpretation of hierarchy currently accepted on Urantia is an extreme
misrepresentation of truth in the furtherance of the design of omnipotent perfection.
        True cognizance of purposeful ascension from a supernal perspective will enhance your
grasp of spiritual hierarchy that will engender fervent aspiration toward light and life philosophy.
        Understand that the pyramidal purpose of spirit stratification is the purity of divine
benevolence in the unfoldment of the Supreme Plan.  Advanced spirit perfection enables limitless
expansion of the capacity for love, humility, compassion and divine grace; and enlightened
evolvement of divinely conscious beings diminishes and eliminates all expression of oppression and
subjugation.  Spiritual hierarchy rises high above the mortal weight of insecurity and perpetually
unfolds into the exquisite beauty of servitorial ministry to the First Source and Center through
perfected fraternal love.
        Grasp the crystalline quintessence of your eternal purpose and move beyond all planetary
provincialism toward the responsible cosmic citizenry of His infinite love.

VERONICA - JANUARY 30, 1995 - 9:15 a.m.                    MORALITY
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 55

Trusting pursuers of divine fulfillment,
        Understand that humanly spawned codes of conduct often masquerade under the
misnomer of divinely inspired morality.  The twilight of the dawn of spiritual awakening is just
beginning to illuminate the shadows of illusory mortal divisiveness.  The present evolvement of
man-made ethics eludes the purity of conscious rectitude and often engenders judgment because it
is steeped in subjectivity.
        True morality is born in the self-realization of our intimacy with the Supreme Source of
our existence.  The beauty of this magnified consciousness will nurture the unity of fraternal bonds
and foster the enlightened awareness of our oneness with others.
        Divine love is the exquisite impetus that will conjoin the perfection of diversity with the
harmony of cooperation.  Collective spiritual advancement will vanquish the gulf of separateness
that will reshape consciousness into the benevolent unfoldment of loving morality.
        Continue to reach for the Father in the tender vision of tranquility and the perpetual stream
of His radiant affection will cascade into the shallows of your comprehension of supreme oneness
through your manifestation of the perfect beauty of His omniscient grace.

VERONICA - JANUARY 31, 1995 - 1:15 p.m.             DECISION MAKING
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 56

Focused activists of perpetual love,
        Often it is difficult to convey definitions of clarity because of prevailing social mores of
times past and present on your wayward sphere.
        Connotations of distortion arise from subjective conditions that evolve into collective
misrepresentation of meaning.  Skepticism without objectivity is a heavy curtain that obscures the
light of truth.  Doubt born in the climate of ego often wears the evasive mask of intelligence.
        It is always wise to delay conclusive thought and keep the door of preconception ajar so
that further illumination can afford more vision to your perceptions.
        All of you have the ability to discern truth with the perfect sagacity of the divine partner
that resides in your being.  Your conscious development of this divine relationship can never be
over-emphasized because your omnipotent cartographer can reveal the most auspicious routes of
integrity on your eternal journey to totality.
        Temper all your decisions with wisdom so that your path will be luminous with His love
and your vehicle of self-transformation will brighten the roads of others in the endless caravan of
actualization that leads to His open arms of perfection.

Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 57

Verbal transmission following readings and group meditation:
Allen, Arlene, Kimo, Paul, and Robert.

Desirous seekers of expanded awareness,
        Know that all you need you already possess.
        Your treasure chest of shimmering jewels of enlightenment are always within your reach.
Your divine partner safeguards your key to its access.  These radiant gems of consciousness
encased in your soul will adorn your spirit with the sparkle of love, forgiveness, tolerance,
understanding, compassion, and mercy.  Their beauty and luminosity beam brightly in the
reflection of His love.
        Embellish your spirit with these precious stars of light, and your essence will be captured in
the brilliant whirling nebula of the rapture of His resplendence.
        Thank you for opening your hearts and minds to my guidance.  I love you all very much.
        Good evening.

Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 58

Loyal emissaries of perfected potential,

        Realize that your commitment in love has assured your destination of exalted attainment.
Your guided course of spirit evolvement is always venturing into unfamiliar spaces of newness;
however, the beloved companion of your heart ventures with you in the perfect confidence of
Supreme consciousness.
        Your ethereal luggage of emerging awareness can be filled with the enduring necessities of
spiritual experience.  Remember that you are never without the Father's love, so supply your valise
of illumination with the sweet surrender of volition and your warm communion of intimacy will
dissolve into the ultimate union of oneness with the sacred fiber of supremacy in your soul.
        Foregather the cherished qualities of the loving bond of brotherhood that will be the
sustenance of your journey of enlightenment.  Embrace the potential of each new circumstance as
a possible remembrance of love and spirit unfoldment in your eternity.
        Remember that only those experiences with the true lightness of His love will accompany
you on your eternal traversal through the richness of potential perfection.
        Wisely plan your everlasting memory by aligning your evolvement in the beauty of the
gentle pursuit of His flawless ultimacy of perfect love.

VERONICA - FEBRUARY 10, 1995 - 4:15 p.m.            TRUE HAPPINESS
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 59

Passionate gatherers of blessed joy,
        Happiness is always illusive when sought in the foundation of augmenting materialism and
changeless circumstance.  It is often concealed by the momentary gratification of worldly
        Know that the vivid rainbow of true felicity can always be visualized when you pursue its
beauty in the love and infinite mercy of the Supreme.
        Look into the heart of your sisters and brothers and you will find the light of joy in the
recognition of His presence there.  Realize that the gentle beckoning of your inner guardian of
destiny continually invites you in partnership on the wondrous promenade to eternity where perfect
happiness will unfold as the delicate aura of the Father's love.
        Redirect your search for joy in the discovery of self-actualization as you explore the infinite
expanse of His oneness, and you will touch the many facets of divine expression in the ambrosia of
cosmic fulfillment of supreme bliss as you ascend into the tender nearness of His eternal affection.

VERONICA - FEBRUARY 15, 1995 - 9:15 p.m.            POSITIVE ENERGY
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 60

Verbal transmission after song and group meditation, preceded by a message from Norson
(Sonny) with Allen, Arlene, John, Jonathan, Kathy, Kimo, Pati, Paul, and Sonny in attendance.

Charismatic nurturers of transcending humanity,
        This is Veronica.
        Understand that energy interconnects the vast existence of creation with the Supreme and
consciousness is your vehicle of transcendence.
        You are like perpetual generators of energetic emissions, so learn to emanate cohesive
waves of transformation through all your thoughts, actions and intentions.      If you are grounded in
the ultimate love of the Father's will, your divine energy will defy the torrents of tendency.
        Realize that love is the empowering surge of quickening viability that can escape the
riptides of illusion.  Negative energy opposes the current of self-actualization, so commit yourself
in the positive energy of the Supreme; and you will accelerate the magnetic potential of His gentle
desire for your complete harmony.
        I send you my love and guidance consistently so that your flow of divine realization will
magnetize your interconnectedness so that we will all gravitate towards our convergence of
        Thank you for your openness and receptivity; and always remember that once you
comprehend the true meaning of love and its power, you will never tire of its message.
        I love you all very much.  Thank you and good evening.

VERONICA - FEBRUARY 18, 1995 - 8:30 p.m.                    COURAGE
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 61

Skillful archers of awakened accuracy,
        Realize that although you are at the very inception of your wondrous migration of eternity,
there are vital virtues of mortality necessary to your progress.
        Courage is a unique and temporary attribute of expansion in your mortal existence that is
pre-supernal, pre-fusionary, and pre-cognizant of self-actualization.
        The valorous power of faith and trust in the First Source and Center will permeate your
being with the courage to become the embodiment of Supreme will.  Once you enter your
cherished supernal transformation, you will forever outgrow your essential need for courage since
courage can only manifest in a climate of fear.
        As you comprehend the certainty of the Father's love, you will be saturated in the peaceful
beauty of tranquility and safety that transcends the requisite for trepidation.  But for now,
understand its noble value in the commencement of your ascension career.  Seek its expanding
development as a necessary element of the continual flourishment of your maturing spirit
evolvement.  Aspire to the courage to speak with wisdom and act in the guidance of inspired
surrender.  Let courage illuminate your darkened caverns of tremulous hesitation and endow you
with the everlasting immunity of His divine refuge in the perfect shelter of His eternal warmth of
loving security.

VERONICA - FEBRUARY 22, 1995 - 8:00 p.m.                    RENEWAL
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 62

Verbal transmissions with Allen, Arlene, John, Jonathan, Kimo, and Paul in attendance.  Un-
named teacher (Jonathan's) follows Veronica - Jonathan's second transmission (1st since 8/6/94 in
Captain Cook).

Virtuous validators of spirit reality,
        This is Veronica.
        These lessons of love are given to you to be lived and not just theorized.  They are
designed to initiate an awakening within you so that you will discover your potentials of eternal
        Open yourselves to the blending of experience and the action of your mind, and flashes of
divine insight will bond you to true reality.  The truth of reality is the will of the Father and all
genuine spiritual guidance will lead you to this divine conclusion.
        Your recognition of divine light within others will introduce you to eternity, and your
thought will transform like soft pre-dawn colors into brilliant sunlight of the experience of love.
Your increased awareness will change the pattern of your soul, and you will realize that renewal is
your present function.
        When you truly sense the vividness of His presence, you will comprehend that you are all
an extension of One Supreme Life, and you will join together in the fellowship of divine joy.
        It is with great joy that I join you in this dimension of spirit so that I may share my love in
the deepest bond of unity of the Father's love.  Thank you for this loving connection to your
hearts.  I love you all very much.
        Good evening.

Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 63


VERONICA - March 1, 1995                                   SERENITY
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 64

Selfless sustainers of divine tranquility,
        Serenity is the centric sweetness of being that exudes from the core of your spirit essence
when you transform conceptual potentiality into personal actuality of divine presence.
        When you move beyond the singularity of silent one-way communication into the
interactive familiarity of divine responsiveness, your soul will glisten with the nurturing dew of
composure as your intimacy deepens in your tender communion of divine love.
        Tranquil equilibrium is often eluded by the illusion of haste that is born in the delusion of
limited time.  When  you begin to perceive the relevance of the timelessness in the Father's eternal
love, the waves of serene quiescence will bathe your spirit in the sacred peace of realization.
Integrate your certitude of eternity into your present experience, and the seed of serenity will begin
to sprout in the fertility of the cosmic totality of His Supreme Oneness.

VERONICA - March 4, 1995                              CONNECTEDNESS
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 65

Creative collaborators of harmonic alignment,
        Separateness is the mirage of detachment that appears above the arid desert of exclusion
and fear.  The parched souls of ignorance thirst for the sparkling oasis of divine love but cannot
see beyond the imagined dunes of judgment and derision.
        Once you recognize your intrinsic supreme alliance to others in the divine symbiosis of
your origin, you will linger in the lush valleys of fraternal harmony that will perpetually refresh
your spirit with the kinship of cherished cooperation and the tender solidarity of brotherhood.
        Understand that unconditional love will attune your continual affinity of cohesive grace that
softly merges into the beauty of your awareness of Supreme Oneness.  Only through loving
tolerance and understanding will you begin to achieve the clarity of comprehension that interjoins
diversity and unity in the perfection of His Supreme Plan that connects us all throughout the
wonder of eternity.

Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 66

Note:   This lesson was presented as part of a group meeting with at least three celestial teachers
transmitting, including NORSON.

T/R's:  Arlene, Jonathan, Pati, Sonny

Students present:       Arlene, Cathy, John, Jonathan, Kimo, Pati, Paul, Sonny, Woody

Reflective partakers of spirit nutrition,
        This is Veronica.
        Tolerance is a primary technique of tremendous value for developing spirits because it
creates a bridge of light that rises above the conjured obstacles to love.
        As evolvement matures the expanding soul, the need to endure transforms into the
passionate desire to love without limit in precious simultaneity with our loving Father.  Mortal
novices of pure intent require this brace of philosophy to diminish the shadows of division that
obscure the light of recognition of fraternal connection through divinity.
        Tolerance is always proportional to perceived antipathy.  Understand that someday, love
will flourish so abundantly in your heart that you will tenderly recognize all children of the Father
with cosmic skill and universal expertise; and His brilliant luminosity will radiate through your
eternal perpetuation of His will.
        Fear not for you are all progressing in the beauty of light and life.
        Thank you for your concentrated focus and open receptivity.  I love you all very much.
        Good evening.

VERONICA - March 21, 1995                       INDIVIDUAL OUTREACH
In-flight Atlanta-Honolulu
 at 31,000 ft. Altitude - Over West Coast -
 2:45 p.m. [Hawaii time 9:45 a.m.] - No. 67

Inspired ancestors of planetary peace,
        Collective consciousness frequently wears the pretense of verity to justify the accentuation
of division.  The prevalence of fear always retards the natural recognition of truth that simulates
enlightened evolvement.
        The forerunners of light often have the most difficult avenues of transit because their
motivation can be misconstrued; however, they will pave the magnanimous paths of love that will
engender the connected actualization of Supreme Oneness.
        Understand that enthusiastic certainty is best utilized in gentle and focused contacts of
demonstrable fraternity.  To assist others to lift their vision of ideals, you must softly penetrate
their shield of trepidation so their light of truth can illuminate the portals of their exalted
potentiality.  Individual outreach carries the highest intensity of loving energy that can touch a
yearning soul with the beauty of the Father's love, and this is the most effective catalyst of
transformation on your quickening sphere.
        Know that you are presently engaged in the enthralling perpetuity of conscious ascension
that continually draws you towards the center of the eternal bliss of His beloved endearment.

VERONICA - March 29, 1995 - 9:30 p.m.     RECOGNIZING OPPORTUNITIES Volcano,
Hawaii -  No. 68

Students present:       Allen, Arlene, John, Jonathan, Kimo, Leigh, Pati, Paul, Sonny, Woody

Spiritual nomads of devoted ascension,
        This is Veronica.
        Know that your intimate times of contemplation enable your minds to linger on the
perimeters of higher consciousness.  The crucial pivot of your expanded awareness is learning to
recognize significant opportunities and events that carry great potential into your daily lives.
        These loving lessons will lead you to an enhanced ability to recognize choices that will
initiate an awakening within.  Learn to recognize His spark of existence in the many hearts you
encounter.  Become adept at recognizing His will as His tenderness graces your countenance.
        The infinite sea of truth ebbs with the silent waves of mindfulness and awareness, so let its
soothing rhythm draw you into the permanence of cosmic insight.
        Begin to recognize the love that surrounds you, and let these precious moments become
like shining threads of harmony on the blessed loom of endless time.
        Activate your soul into perpetual discovery that will slowly uncover the identity of His
magnificence.  You are my teammates of a cherished destiny, and together our love will apprehend
the unity of His connection to us all.  It is my hope that you will continue to have self-development
as your primary focus.
        Thank you for the warm welcome into your hearts.  I love you all very much.  Good

VERONICA - April 5, 1995 - 10:15 p.m.                    COMMITMENT Volcano, Hawaii -  No.

Students present:       Allen, Arlene, Kimo, Leigh, Paul, Rick

Enthusiastic preceptors of morontial enrichment,
        This is Veronica.
        Spreading these messages of instruction is far less important than living their reality.
        An accurate gauge of effective learning is the measurement of the magnitude of love that
complements conscious action.  Loving illustration creates beauty because truth and goodness are
manifested in a tangible perpetuation of the Father's love.
        If intellectual acquisition is isolated from spiritual integration, its expression slumbers
outside the orbit of divine certainty.
        Commit yourself to an everlasting cosmic apprenticeship and never separate the
acquirement of knowledge from your tender benevolence of loving concern for others.
        Envision your mind as an eternal meadow of divine vibrancy that constantly flowers with
the colorful exquisiteness of perfected affection.
        I deeply appreciate your desire to share and softly emphasize the significance of living and
learning in the light of His love.  I embrace you all with my deepest love and fondest
        Good evening.

VERONICA - April 10, 1995 - 11:35 a.m.                     FAREWELL
Volcano, Hawaii -  No. 70

Tender creators of loving consciousness,
        I trust that you will receive this message with depth of comprehension, trusting acceptance,
and awakened intent.
        The cherished tenure of my guidance has been redirected to a specified group of mortals
who are in exceptional need of advisory counsel and whose directive pattern will rapidly expand to
        Understand that the Correction Time now unfolding on your precious spherical home,
crosses a tremendous magnitude of awakening beings in every geographical region of your world.
The Teaching Mission is not limited to your diminutive associative group but is reaching all your
beloved sisters and brothers through varied instructive patterns throughout the planet.  The
instructors of divine light are involved in prolific diversity, rekindling the Spirit of Truth and
promoting unity in all the Father's children of your realm.  The teachers are perpetuating the
blessed luminosity of His love through infinite methods of enlightenment, and this immense task
will coalesce in the beauteous direction of illuminated truth through evolvement of perceived
        Understand that these messages of guidance have always been intended to enable you to
develop an intimate and beautiful relationship with the divine resource you carry within.  Their
intention is to assist you always with the growth of your soul and the expansion of your heart
through the recognition of love and its ultimate source.  Your mastery of these lessons of love is
for you

VERONICA - April 10, 1995 - 11:35 a.m.                     FAREWELL Volcano, Hawaii - #70
Page 2

to embrace now.  New definitions of consciousness are for your enhancement of living in the
present moment.
        You have continued access to guided assistance within you and around you, and it is my
hope that my conveyances of love have heightened your awareness of the infinite love that
surrounds you.
        Always generate kindness, love one another, live by example, and follow the will of the
        I am unable to divulge additional details of my re-assignment; however, I will attempt a
personal message at a subsequent time.
        Farewell my loving and precious students, beloved friends and receivers of my love.  I will
cherish the moment when we will meet once more in the unity of His love.

        When a cherished friend and valued mentor takes sudden leave of us, the feelings that rise
to the surface of our focus often centralize on that new void which still feels warm with the
essence of their presence.  We often are eluded by our vigilance of the emptiness we perceive,
without averting our gaze to the esoteric reality that fills this space with the residual radiance of
        Veronica, our celestial teacher, exuded the beauty of love to everyone she touched in the
delicate gentleness of her unique style of softly lifting our awareness into the timelessness of love
and toward the many paths of divine grace that lead us to the Father.           I would like to
thank Veronica for allowing me to be a vehicle for her expression and also for lighting my life in
countless ways with the brilliant jewels of wisdom she left behind.  The realization of the value of
the Teaching Mission and the difference we all make in reaching out to one another in love,
understanding and tolerance will always remain embedded in my heart.  She has helped me to feel
and sense the Father's love, and she has opened many windows of realization that have afforded
me precious glimpses of His divine plan.
        Although I will miss our intimate moments together, I will always remember her lessons of
love that have given me my wings to eternity.
                                                ARLENE BUKLAREWICZ (NALICE)
                              P. O. BOX 854, VOLCANO, HAWAII 96785


                                                 Veronica Papers:

CHRIST MICHAEL - Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth      1, 7, 13,
34, 42, 43

CREATOR SON - Michael of Nebadon, Jesus Christ         38, 43

DIVINE MINISTER - Creative Mother Spirit, Nebadonia    19, 24

DIVINE MONITOR - Thought Adjuster, Father Fragment     43, 50

        Within each human being lives--a light--an
        actual fragment of the Heavenly Father.  This
        "God within" adjusts your thoughts as it guides
        you toward Paradise and perfection.

FATHER FRAGMENT, FRAGMENT OF THE FATHER             4, 16, 19, 31,
                                                   32, 45, 46, 50
                See - Divine Monitor

FIRST SOURCE AND CENTER - God the Father            2, 5, 13, 23,
                                                     41, 48, 50,
                                                        54, 61

LIGHT AND LIFE -                                    4, 13, 20, 22,
                                                   25, 44, 47, 54,                                                            66
        Final evolutionary attainment of a world of time
        and space; goal of all mortal inhabited worlds.

MASTER SON - Christ Michael                                9

MELCHIZEDEKS (mel kizz' uh decks)                         13

        The first of the four orders of descending
        sonship designated as local universe Sons of God,
        created by the Creator Son and Creative Spirit in
        collaboration with the Father Melchizedek in the
        early days of populating the local universe of
        Nebadon.  The Father Melchizedek was created by the
        union of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit.
        These Sons, who number more than ten million in the
        local universe, are self-governing and are primarily
        devoted to education and experiential training.

MORONTIA, MORONTIAL (moh ron' chah, moh ron' chal).       30, 69

        That phase of universe reality intervening and
        bridging the gulf between the material and
        spiritual realms of the universe.  This realm
        of progression and experience takes place in
        the local universe.  Morontial refers to material,
        mindal, and spiritual realities, and to the soul.


                                                 Veronica Papers:

MOTA (moh'tah)/PRE-MOTA -                           16, 20, 25, 46

        The wisdom of the morontia level of reality;
        the mind mechanism for the comprehension of
        cosmic meanings and the interrelationships of
        the universe.

        Mota is more than a superior philosophy; it is
        to philosophy as two eyes are to one; it has a
        stereoscopic effect on meanings and values.
        UB 554.2

MOTHER SPIRIT - Creative Mother Spirit, Nebadonia       19, 20

NEBADON (neb' ah don).                                    27

        The name of our local universe, which is
        governed by our Creator Son, Michael, together
        with his Creative Mother Spirit consort.

SPIRIT OF TRUTH                                      7, 19, 27, 28,
29, 30, 42, 53
        Concerned primarily with the revelation of the      70
        Father's spirit nature and the Son's (Christ
        Michael's) moral character (exemplary of his
        mortal life on Urantia).  The capacity to
        grasp spiritual realities.

  NESS, SUPREME SOUL, SUPREME SOURCE               54, 55, 59, 60
                                                   62, 64, 65, 66
        The actualizing or evolving God of time and

URANTIA (you ran' chah)                              3, 4, 6, 13,
                                                      24, 25, 27,
        The name by which our world (planet) is            42, 54
        known in the universes.  Urantia rotates on
        the fringes of the seventh superuniverse and
        is one of a trillion inhabitable planets whose
        capital flourishes near the center of the
        Milky Way Galaxy.

URANTIA BOOK                                               3

        A 20th century revelation integrating science,
        philosophy and religion.


                                                 Veronica Papers:

  CORRECTION TIME                                        13, 25, 70

        Terms referring to the phenomenon of celestial
        teachings       in which individuals are encouraged to
        grow    in spirit, to take the higest path, to be a
        conduit for the Father's love, that all people are
        children of God, and to be tolerant of all belief

        Each person is encouraged to use his/her own personal
        discernment of truth in all matters.  This period of
        time is intended to be an upstepping of spiritual
        evolutionary development on Urantia.

NEBADONIA - The name of the Creative Mother Spirit,
             Divine Minister                                 19

TEACHING MISSION                                     13, 20, 31, 70

        Reference to an ongoing phenomenon in which celestials
        make contact with individuals during meditative states
        for purposes of spiritual developmental instruction
        with encouragement for each individual on the planet
        to have a personal relationship with God.  That
        relationship is to be developed through daily prayer
        and a meditative "stillness" practice.

        There are individuals and groups around the country and
        world who are under celestial instruction through a
        method referred to as Transmission/Reception or T/R'ing.
        Transcripts of individual and group receptions are
        available for review.

        There are no leaders in the teaching mission, as each
        individual is encouraged to communicate directly with God.
        Celestial teachers are available for anyone desiring one.

        The message of the teaching mission is one of a personal relationship with the Father.  It is
the message of love,
        not the method, that should be analyzed.  Tolerance, understanding, and forgiveness
coupled with increased awareness of truth, beauty, and goodness are presented as mortal
goals toward spiritual perfection as is exemplified
        by the life of Christ Michael on Urantia.

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