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"Mark Austin Acoustic Unplugged" does "House Concerts"

HOUSE CONCERT on Thursday, buy tickets here

This is a special musical offering achieving connective acoustic performances in "House Concerts," performances held in private individuals homes.  I like Lane's description of a House Concert here.  This mostly involves only acoustic instruments and by nature is intimate.  Email me with "House Concert" in the subject line to book us now.  I say us because I usually come with my acoustic bass, voice and someone special playing acoustic guitar like Lewis or Jim Eger, or Brent Rozell etc...and if the show is big enough I might add Stacia McNiel, Diane Harris or Barbara Hester.   Learn more about house concerts here

Mark Austin Acoustic Unplugged
....stay tuned for more
Mark has been traveling with "Common Ground" see

Celestial Studios will soon be hosting it's very own "house concerts" featuring Mark Austin and various others only these tickets will include a video, audio and mp3 of the performance.  We will also make these available to you.  We're looking forward to hosting a series of magical moments with a wide range of performers like  Lewis Hutcheson, Brent Rozell, Paul Harrington, Barbara Hester (the list is endless because it's Mark's little black book) to preserve and share forever!  Stay tuned for more info.

Here are some video clips from an acoustic duo I had called "Philosophy of Song" with Brent Rozell on acoustic guitar
I Believe in You Don't Be Scared Dear Rhonda

interview / Mark / band footage

And there's more :-)  more audio...a taste below from a recording done with Jim Eger on guitar entitled 'The Message is Greater Than the Messenger"

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