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Love Bends The Light

Mother Earth, Living Being,
Live in Comfort, Sleep in Peace.
Never may thy children strive
Living their intriguing lives.
Starlight shining, glowing Moon
May thy peace unite us soon. 
Seeking wisdom, know this Truth:
We do live within one roof
Love Bends The Light……    When we, in earnest,         join our wills Overcoming all our ills—
Love Bends the Light…..    When we, together, banded strong…Won't endure a winter long
Love Bends the Light…….    Every person has a purpose In the great and grand design.
Love Bends the Light……It’s Love that BENDS THAT LIGHT

Now may all begin to fly--
Solve our problems; cleanse our sky,
Filter water, harness power--
May we all approach that Hour

When in Peace we all may Dwell:
Sound a Planetary Bell
Which announces that for ALL
FREEDOM stands forth, brave and tall!
brave and tall…brave and tall
Then in that Glad Liberation,
Mankind shall become One Nation.
Borders shall become as dreams;
Meadows flourish; mountain streams
Proclaim that all has set the stage
For the prayed-for Spirit-Age.
Spirit-Springtime then shall Flower.
Everyone shall know the hour

Love Bends the Light……Love bends that light yea…yea it’s Love that BENDS THAT LIGHT…….Necessary for Delivery
Of that age that ends all Misery
Love Bends the Light… There's an answer.  Let it be.
Work for it and you shall see,
Love Bends the Light…..In your lifetime, changes grand All throughout God's fertile lands.
Love Bends the Light…. Peace on Earth; and a Good will to All,  Spirit Soldiers, serve their Brothers All

 words by David Glass and Mark Austin, music by Mark Austin copyright 2009
all rights reserved
produced, engineered, instruments played and vocals sang by Mark Austin



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