from the new solo CD entitled "On My Way" - from the band ooga booga
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From the terrace above the city of love the city of love
I stood watching in a trance
as two by two filled the avenue
as there joy turn to dance

LONELINESS is a feeling you can share with someone

Late at night the lonely soul so lingers
for it needs the time to pray
forevermore the circle is unbroken
for it crys with souls that say

LONELINESS is a feeling you can share with someone

There is no seperation, no time, no distance, and everyday we are the one
with one another, let us feel the love and know that truely we are never left alone

LONELINESS is a feeling you can share with someone

words and music by Mark Austin copyright 1985

"Religion effectually cures man's sense of idealistic isolation or spiritual loneliness; it enfranchises the believer as a son of God, a citizen of a new and meaningful universe. Religion assures man that, in following the gleam of righteousness discernible in his soul, he is thereby identifying himself with the plan of the Infinite and the purpose of the Eternal. Such a liberated soul immediately begins to feel at home in this new universe, his universe.

  101:10.8 When you experience such a transformation of faith, you are no longer a slavish part of the mathematical cosmos but rather a liberated volitional son of the Universal Father. No longer is such a liberated son fighting alone against the inexorable doom of the termination of temporal existence; no longer does he combat all nature, with the odds hopelessly against him; no longer is he staggered by the paralyzing fear that, perchance, he has put his trust in a hopeless phantasm or pinned his faith to a fanciful error.

  101:10.9 Now, rather, are the sons of God enlisted together in fighting the battle of reality's triumph over the partial shadows of existence. At last all creatures become conscious of the fact that God and all the divine hosts of a well-nigh limitless universe are on their side in the supernal struggle to attain eternity of life and divinity of status. Such faith-liberated sons have certainly enlisted in the struggles of time on the side of the supreme forces and divine personalities of eternity; even the stars in their courses are now doing battle for them; at last they gaze upon the universe from within, from God's viewpoint, and all is transformed from the uncertainties of material isolation to the sureties of eternal spiritual progression. Even time itself becomes but the shadow of eternity cast by Paradise realities upon the moving panoply of space."


  101:10.10 Presented by a Melchizedek of Nebadon.

The Urantia Book Paper 101


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