"Tribute Kings"

featuring John Sprott, Mark Austin and Idalberto Perdomo


The Tribute Kings

features John Sprott, guitar hero of Lubbock TX
~won the MTV Basement Tapes back in the day
with The Nelson's
~played Willie Nelson's Farm Aid & toured with
National Act's such as Culture Club
~John Sprott Blues Band made it to the Semi-Finals
in the International Blues Competition

features Mark Austin, career musical artist with 20 cd's
~awarded Texas Tornado 1997
~toured with Jerry LaCroix
~multi-instrumentalist, International Experience
~Music Instructor

features Idalberto (Bert) Perdomo, drummer/percussionist
~from Cuba studying at prestigious schools of music
~touring at 21 with well know Cuban and US artists
~extremely diverse stylistically
~Music Instructor
these videos tell the story....John says out load, "whatta ya'll wanna hear"
and then does it, and the crowd goes wild!

call 214.934.9828 to speak to a real person this is a band that plays directly to the people!

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