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this song is one of my favorite anthems :-)

Now IS the time

Now is the Time

Iíve walked down that road before
The one that kept me calling out for more
But never realizing that the path was right before me
Juxtaposed with the sunlight dancing through the trees
Is the darkness of the truth right in front of my eyes
I recognize the outward gaze has hidden me from knowing
What looking outward canít know
When will it be safe to rise?        Now is the Time
To move beyond the past
Crowd away the lies
 Search for a better way
End xtra chrs
The challenge of a different day
Where we look inside instead of hiding on the outside
I close my eyes and look inside
Shattering fear to face the truth of who I am
Looking for love in movies instead of the face youíre staring into
Searching for truth in books instead of the heart who loves you
What kind of place is this where we want see the beauty more than we want to be it
The power of kings cannot make it change
Throwing money at the problem only gives pause to the rain
Only time to look inside and face the Divine
And knowing when I do that all of who I am will be made larger
And the grand scheme will dissipate before my eyes
Revealing the waltz of the sun

For when I see the smallness of 3D
The significant insignificance that I carry
I crumble down into the lap of something larger than myself
Where I need not make the case
Nor defend what defending canít do
When will it be time to rise?

 words by Bob Devine and Mark Austin, music by Mark Austin copyright 2009
all rights reserved
produced, engineered, instruments played and vocals sang by Mark Austin



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