Mark Ausitn Band - acid jazz, progressive rock, psychedelic rock

The Jam Below!

Maria, Big Jon on bass, and Lewis on guitar at the jam
Lewis, Migel, and Bono on the drums
Mark, big Jon on bass, and Rick on violin
Thad and Rick
Mark, Lewis and Bono
Maria singing, Lewis on guitar and David Getche on drums
Bubba Hernandez of "Brave Combo" the famous nuclear polka band jamming at the Monday night Mark Austin Band Jam after the show
Rick on violin

Mark sings with Thad on guitar, Rick on violin and Migel on bass
Jimmy Lawerence playing guitar at the jam
Thad and Mario
Rich Glass and Scott Weltner

Mark and Diane Harris on tenor
Mark on stage speaking to a fellow bass player lady
Jimmy Lawarence playing guitar at the jam
Mark and Jimmy Lawerence

Mark Austin singing, Jimmy Lawerence on guitar, and Mr. East Tx himself on drums
George on congas at the jam
Mario on bass during the jam
Santana would come alive with Mario, Hector, and the gang

Lewis, Maria, and David Getche on drums at the jam
Lance Grey playing guitar at the jam
Lewis Hutcheson at the jam with a surprise back-up singer
Lance and Migel

Scott and the lady bass player at the jam
Diane Harris at the jam
George on congas during the jam
Scott on congas at the jam

Rich Glass, Lewis and Scott
Mark at the jam with a fellow bass player/singer lady
Lady Bass player at the jam
Scott Weltner and the young lady on bass at the jam

Diane, Migel and friends at the jam